Brett Favre shows paused as Twitter compares coverage to Ime Udoka, others
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According to CBS News, two weekly shows featuring Brett Favre have been suspended due to the former quarterback’s alleged entanglement in a welfare fraud case uncovered in Mississippi.

ESPN Milwaukee paused “The Brett Favre Show” podcast last week, a spokesperson confirmed with CBS MoneyWatch. ESPN Milwaukee is owned by Wisconsin-based Good Karma Brands and not the Disney-owned sports programming network. SiriusXM also suspended its weekly radio show hosted by Favre, The Athletic tweeted Sunday.


While suspensions are not cancellations, the all-out blitz of Black Twitter users against Favre has surely added pressure to the decision-makers who cannot avoid the glaring hypocrisy in Favre’s case coverage in comparison to the many speculations surrounding removed Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka.

i dont want to hear about #ImeUdoka and who he sleeps with… what I want to hear about is #BrettFavre the #BrettFavreWelfareKing

The media is trying hard to get us to forget that ain’t happening!!!!!

— Q??B1??? (@Th3Visonary83) September 25, 2022

It’s interesting how @espn has more to say about #ImeUdoka having a consensual relationship with another adult, while being completely radio silence about #BrettFavre stealing millions of dollars from poor Mississippi residents on welfare.

— Rev. James “Major” Woodall (@iMajorWish) September 22, 2022

The way the media is hyping up this Udoka shituation you’d think he stole Millions in Child Welfare funds from the state of Mississippi. #BrettFavre #BrettFavreWelfareKing

— Angus?? (@AngusWhinfield) September 23, 2022

The suspensions come months after an auditor found state officials redirected more than $70 million in Temporary Assistance for Needy Families welfare funds last year to Favre and other individuals instead of giving the money to low-income families.


State officials, more specifically, used a nonprofit organization to funnel $1.1 million to Favre as a stipend to perform speeches that he never gave, Mississippi auditor Shad White found.

It is such a reflection of the scourge of #racism in this country that many of the same people (some sports commentators included) who criticized & ostracized #Kaepernick for #protesting racism are now awfully quiet about #BrettFavre’s alleged involvement in a #welfare #scheme.

— Be A King (@BerniceKing) September 22, 2022

The Mississippi Department of Human Services has filed a lawsuit against Brett Favre, three former pro wrestlers and several other individuals and companies to try to recover millions in welfare dollars.

Burying Favre’s transgressions has even white Twitter users noticing the disparity in TV sports talk coverage.

A message for Brett Favre & all of those in Sports Media that think this isn’t worth the news coverage it deserves@iamrapaport Stays Disruptive

— MichaelRapaport (@MichaelRapaport) September 26, 2022

Court documents related to the case show a series of text messages suggesting former Gov. Phil Bryant was “on board” when Favre received the speaking money; Favre even asked at the time if media outlets would be made aware of his actions. The text message chain was between Favre and Nancy New, executive director of the Mississippi Community Education Center.

Neither Brett Favre nor Phil Bryant have been charged in the welfare fraud case as of yet. It is also unknown at this time how long Favre’s suspensions will last or if they will become permanently cancelled.

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