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Robert Griffin III has successfully made the transition from the football field to the studio, taking over for Hall of Famer Randy Moss on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, yet on last night’s broadcast, he mossed himself.

Did this man say, “Jiggaboos”? RG3 calling folks who doubted a Black QB “Jiggaboos” (which is a racist term used against Black folks)when the people who deny Black QB’s the opportunity to thrive are white male owners, GMs, coaches, scouts, and media.

— L E F T, PhD ?? (@LeftSentThis) December 13, 2022

The Heisman Trophy winner used the racist term for Black people ahead of Monday’s game when the discussion turned to Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, who is having an MVP-caliber season. Griffin labeled anyone critical of Hurts as “jigaboos.”

Having never been invited to the cookout, Griffin’s animus towards “jiggaboos” likely stems from the criticism he himself has received, which has been long and documented.

Rob Parker got fired from espn for calling RGIII a cornball on air lmao no way RG3 has a job next week

— John (@iam_johnw) December 13, 2022

LMAOOOO nah man RG3 a sick man dawg ??????

— ??T-Time ?? (@Ayo_TTime9) December 13, 2022

RG3 is top tier comedy ?

— Broccoli Lesnar ? (@FiendianaJones) December 13, 2022

jigaboo [ jiguh-boo ]

A noun, plural jig·a·boos. TSlang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. A contemptuous term used to refer to a Black person.

Some social media users wondered whether Griffin, along with his White wife, were in on the joke all along.

This comes days after the two chuckled about him eating fried chicken on live TV.

RG3 going home to wife saying “honey i said the word just like you asked”

— lil bump stock (time to wake ‘em up sir ?) (@m_booker1) December 13, 2022


— Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) November 14, 2022

Robert Griffin III’s Pregnant Wife Grete Shows Off Maternity Style at Heisman Ceremony: Photos via @Yahoo

— Foxy Grady (@FoxyGrady) December 12, 2022

RG3 at home practicing slurs

— Drew ?? (@c_drew_) December 13, 2022

RGIII and his wife at home ?

— Cran-Grape Papi ? (@Da_real_ctaylah) December 13, 2022

“Was trying to say “those Bug-A-Boos” in reference to haters and doubters,” Griffin wrote on Twitter late Monday night. “Regardless of my intention, I understand the historical context of the term that came out of my mouth and I apologize.”

Griffin spent 7 seasons in the NFL before joining ESPN on a multiyear deal in 2021. He joined the network as a college football and NFL analyst.

All skinfolk ain’t kinfolk

When the Black community is belittled, dismissed, or slandered, we understand it comes along with the territory. However, when it comes from one of our own, it hurts a little bit more. Though we are far from a monolith, similarities our shared experiences bind us.

Griffin carelessly disregarded our people because he knew he could get away with it.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Griffin has continued to tweet and go about his work day. At a time when words are equally punished as deeds, Griffin has dodged any visible backlash and will likely face zero accountability over the objectively offensive remark. ESPN has not issued any additional comment beyond Griffin’s tweet.

No punitive action is expected for Griffin. However, had he spoken ill of the LGBTQIA+ or Jewish community, it is no question he would have been — at the very least — questioned by ESPN.

With walking “I’m-not-Black-I’m-OJ” energy, Griffin falls in line with the network which has been widely criticized for highlighting Black athletes amid controversies, but turning a blind eye towards White men like Brett Favre and Jerry Jones.

Cancel culture only cancels those whom society deems is worth protecting, and until our community is held with the same deference as others, men like Griffin will continue to say what they want whilst offering a flimsy apology at best.

While celebrated and castigated by teammates during his bust of a playing career, Griffin remains unbothered that he is not accepted by the very team he’s been on since birth.

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