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The racist North Carolina Sheriff that was under investigation for derogatory comments made about Black employees has been suspended by a Superior Court Judge.

North Carolina’s Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene was suspended by a Superior Court Judge after an investigation of racist recordings where Greene made derogatory remarks about Black employees were revealed.

Judge Douglas B. Sasser suspended Greene on Tuesday until a petition filed by District Attorney Jon David for the removal of Greene could be heard.

“Defendant has committed willful misconduct and maladministration in office,” David wrote in the petition. “The acts committed by Defendant… constitute corruption while in office.”


What Racist Remarks Did Sheriff Greene Say?

Sheriff Greene became under investigation after a subordinate recorded his racist rant against multiple Black officials in a series of phone calls, WECT-TV reported.

The whistle-blower, Columbus County Captain Jason Soles, reportedly got tired of hearing his racist tirades and began recording their conversations shortly thereafter.

“Tomorrow’s gonna be a new f**king day. I’m still the motherf**king sheriff, and I’ll go up and fire every godd**n [inaudible]. F**k them black bastards. They think I’m scared? They’re stupid,” Greene said. “I don’t know what else to do. So it’s just time to clean them out. There’s a snitch in there somewhere tellin’ what we are doing. And I’m not gonna have it. I’m not going to have it.”

“We’ll cut the snake’s head f**king off. Period. And Melvin Campbell is as big a snake as Lewis Hatcher ever dared to be. Every black that I know, you need to fire him to start with, he’s a snake,” Greene says before ending the phone call.


Several Black officers in leadership positions were later demoted or fired. WECT-TV reported that two Black officers were on the previous sheriff’s group of high-ranking officers known as command staff, but that a captain was fired and a lieutenant was demoted after Greene was sworn in. Another Black sergeant said he was fired shortly after Greene was elected.

Soon after being made aware the recordings were made public, Greene posted a statement on the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, saying his office serves citizens of all races, and although he admits to using offensive language, he denies saying anything with racial or malintent. Greene said he would cooperate fully with the SBI investigation.

The hearing on the petition for removal is scheduled for October 24.

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