Teacher on leave over racist message as district “investigates” 

by Deon Osborne, Associate Editor
Teacher on leave over racist message as district “investigates” 
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A high school teacher from Clinton, Oklahoma has been placed on leave after a parent received a racist message from her profile. The teacher claims her account was hacked. The school district and local police are investigating the teacher’s claim.

The Clinton Public Schools district is investigating a teacher who allegedly sent a message to a parent filled with anti-Indigenous and anti-Black racism, according to a Tuesday report from News 9, which didn’t release the name of the teacher.

“Why don’t you go back to living in your teepee and steal from white people,” the message began, according to a report to Raw Story. “You Indians are a waste of time to education.”

Not content with disparaging one group, the message also brought Black people into the mix.

“I am really doing you a favor so you can stop having your son dress like a female with his long hair,” she continued. “You and your tribe are just dirty people. All you people are just like n*ggers blame every white person for your short falls.”

News of the incident comes amid a climate in which Oklahoma’s current governor, Kevin Stitt, has repeatedly offended Tribal leaders and their communities, along with Black people across the state.

Parent believes teacher sent racist message

Numerous parents have told local media that they find it likely the teacher did send those messages.

“I mean it’s just too hard to believe that it wasn’t her. There have been too many instances where teachers have behaved that way in our own public schools,” Clinton High School Alumna Angel Parent-Perez told News 9.

 Meanwhile, Clinton Public Schools district officials have placed the teacher on leave while they and local police investigate the teacher’s claim that her account was hacked.

 “This is a personal matter being addressed by an individual member of our staff,” Clinton Public Schools Superintendent Tyler Bridges said in a statement.

“The teacher has reported the fraudulent use of his/her name, photo, and identity to Facebook and the Clinton Police Department for investigation. The district is also conducting a thorough internal investigation.” 

News 9 reports they reached out to both the teacher and the Clinton Police Department with no response.

“This isn’t the first this is an issue that needs to be addressed. I want to see the proof that she didn’t write this,”  Parent-Perez said.

Clinton Public Schools district and CPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Black Wall Street Times.


Hypercoyote October 22, 2022 - 11:02 am

That’d have to be a pretty targeted hack and done by someone who knew the teacher and the recipient. Sounds more like someone had a little too much to drink and their true feelings came out.

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