Donald Trump Subpoenaed By January 6 House Committee
FILE - Former President Donald Trump pauses while speaking at a rally at the Minden Tahoe Airport in Minden, Nev., on Oct. 8, 2022. (AP Photo/José Luis Villegas, Pool, File)
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Donald Trump has been formally subpoenaed by the January 6 House Committee to answer questions regarding the attack at the U.S. Capitol. 

For just the second time in U.S. history, a former president has been formally subpoenaed by Congress to testify in an investigation (Thomas Jefferson was the other president).

The January 6 House Committee has issued a formal subpoena requiring Trump to sit for a deposition under oath as well as provide documents pertaining to the investigation or possibly face punishment.


Pursuant to a unanimous vote, the Select Committee issued a subpoena to former President Donald Trump for testimony and records relevant to the Select Committee’s investigation into the January 6th attack on the United States Capitol and its causes.

— January 6th Committee (@January6thCmte) October 21, 2022

In a letter to Trump, chair Bennie Thompson (D-Miss) and vice chair Liz Cheney (R-Wyo) stated “you were at the center of the first and only effort by any U.S. President to overturn an election and obstruct the peaceful transition of power, ultimately culminating in a bloody attack on our own Capitol and on the Congress itself.”

The bi-partisan committee voted unanimously to subpoena Donald Trump during a hearing earlier this month.

Jan 6 Committee subpoenas Donald Trump

The subpoena ordered Trump to produce a multitude of documents by November 4 and “to appear for deposition testimony beginning on or about November 14.”


In a letter to Mr. Trump, Chair @BennieGThompson and Vice Chair @RepLizCheney underscored Trump’s central role in a deliberate, orchestrated effort to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election and block the transfer of presidential power.

— January 6th Committee (@January6thCmte) October 21, 2022

The subpoena requested:

  • Documents sent or received through Signal or other means since Sept. 1, 2020, with members of the far-right militia groups Oath Keepers or Proud Boys. The request comes as five members of the Oath Keepers are on trial, charged with seditious conspiracy.
  • Documents between the 2020 election and the Jan. 6 riot encouraging people to travel to Washington, D.C.
  • Records of phone calls, texts or Signal communications placed or received by Trump between the election and Jan. 6, 2021.
  • Pictures and video recordings taken on Jan. 6, 2021, when Trump held a rally near the White House.

Trump Subpoenaed Same Day Bannon Sentenced 

The subpoena from the House Committee comes on the same day that Trump ally Steve Bannon was sentenced to four months in federal prison for contempt of Congress related to the January 6 investigation.

A year to the day of being held in contempt for refusing to cooperate with the House Committee’s investigation, Bannon has now been sentenced to prison and ordered to pay a $6,500 fine.

“We may have lost a battle here today, but we’re not going to lose this war,” Bannon said. “[The jury] came to their conclusion about what was put on in that courtroom. But listen, in the closing argument, the prosecutor missed one very important phrase, right? ‘I stand with Trump and the Constitution, and I will never back off that, ever.’”

Trump has not indicated whether he will comply with the committee’s subpoena.

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