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By The Black Wall Street Times Editorial Board

On January 6, 2021, we watched in horror as extremists stormed our nation’s capitol in an effort to violently overthrow the government. These people, spurred on by the preposterous lie of a stolen election, were not listening to Donald Trump alone.

As the outgoing president was spewing falsehoods and riling up his base with increasingly dangerous rhetoric, he had newfound allies in the Senate. One of them was Oklahoma Senator James Lankford.

In January 2021, Lankford stood with election deniers instead of his constituents

On January 2, 2021, Lankford signed a letter with Texas Senator Ted Cruz and others falsely claiming there was “widespread voter fraud” in the 2020 election. That letter cited a poll showing one in four Americans “believe the election was rigged” as justification for denying to certify the election. His decision to move forward with objecting to the results amounted to nothing less than a disenfranchisement of Black voters nationwide. His alignment with insurrectionists prompted calls for his removal from the Tulsa Race Massacre Commission.

As Lankford took to the floor on Jan 6th to object, the violent mob broke into the Capitol. He and his colleagues were forced to flee. Lankford would later release a statement saying he would now certify the election results, calling the attack on the Capitol “a protest”.

Since then, Lankford has not chosen to shift back toward logic. Instead, he moved farther to the right to maintain power – and in turn farther away from the people who trusted him to lead.

Lankford’s once reasonable approach to legislating now veers toward extremism.

In the last 18 months, Lankford voted against an infrastructure bill that will invest billions in Oklahoma’s broadband network, roads and bridges. He voted (twice) to block key legislation that provides our veterans harmed in service to our country with the medical care they deserve. Lankford even voted against efforts to increase the production of baby formula during the shortage and against a bill to lower the cost of insulin for the 400,000 Oklahomans who rely on it.

And early this Summer, he claimed the rain Oklahoma received in the middle of a drought was a gift from God for the overturning of Roe v. Wade. In the months that followed his proclamation, Oklahoma’s drought intensified.

Lankford’s calculated decision on January 6th was not a mistake or a fluke. It was the beginning of a larger pattern that, we believe, does not merit his re-election to the United States Senate.

Madison Horn will be an effective Senator for all Oklahomans

His opponent, Madison Horn, is a thoughtful, wise, charismatic and intentional leader that Oklahomans deserve in this moment. A native of Stillwell, Horn grew up in poverty but overcame the odds time and again. She has built a successful career in cybersecurity, developed a savvy business mind and has a keen grasp on the most pressing issues facing our state.

Madison Horn is far from another Democrat seeking a statewide seat with little chance of success.

She is, in fact, far from being just another Democrat period.

Horn is logical, personable and focused. She is not in this race to gain notoriety or power. She is running to be a United States Senator for every Oklahoman. 

It’s evident in her campaign. Horn traveled to every county talking with voters before she even became the nominee. She sits in rooms with voters across the political spectrum to hear their concerns, converse about issues and find common ground. 

Horn is the thoughtful leader and skillful communicator Oklahoma deserves in the US Senate

Effective and streamlined, Horn is generating more excitement and more visibility than Lankford despite having a war chest that’s 1/20 the size. In four of the last five polls, Lankford barely breaks 50%, a remarkable reality for an incumbent Republican Senator in a deep red state.

She provides a straight-talk, solutions-focused, no bullshit approach to politics that has been all but lost in America today. And we desperately need it back.

Madison Horn will be an effective Senator for every Oklahoman. She will work to find common-sense solutions to issues that plague our state. Her work ethic and skillful relationship building are far more of an asset to Oklahoma than Lankford’s eleven years in Congress.

We urge Oklahomans to choose logic and common sense over political party this election.

We urge them to vote for Madison Horn for United States Senate.

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