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With a campaign focused on uplifting working families, rural communities and marginalized Oklahomans, Adam Martin represents a polar opposite to current Republican incumbent Congressman Kevin Hern. For starters, Martin actually shows up in the communities he seeks to serve.

Martin’s boldly progressive campaign in Eastern Oklahoma may seem out of touch with conservatives. Yet, his unapologetic platform to raise wages, improve healthcare and strengthen education is truly what rural communities in his district need.

Kevin Hern, on the other hand, doesn’t even show up in the district that he currently represents.


Adam Martin wants to improve access to better jobs and uplift workers. Kevin Hern, already one of Congress’s richest, takes millions in government handouts for his own business, while criticizing hardworking, low-income people for doing the same thing for their families.

Adam Martin believes in bringing people from all walks of life together to achieve common goals. Kevin Hern cares only about using his platform to rile up his base without improving their lives.

Adam Martin is the solution for Eastern Oklahoma

On Election Day, voters in Oklahoma’s First Congressional District will choose between two candidates who are both fighters. Yet, while Adam Martin fights for working families, Kevin Hern fights for himself.

The question in front of voters revolves around what’s more important: voting for your preferred party or voting for a candidate who truly cares about the wellbeing of the community.

Kevin Hern is a man who refuses to visit his own district, a man so entrenched in national party politics that he can’t see beyond his own ambitions. 


Some of the poorest communities in the state reside in Eastern Oklahoma. Working families, struggling single parents, and eager entrepreneurs can’t afford to be represented by a multi-millionaire politician who sacrifices his constituents’ quality of life for his own career goals.

Adam Martin is a humble listener and pragmatic problem solver who was born and raised in the district he seeks to represent. We urge Oklahomans to vote for him on Election Day.

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