Neil deGrasse Tyson has "very high expectations" of life beyond Earth
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Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson believes there’s life beyond Earth, and a recent study conducted by NASA has only strengthened his scientific hypothesis.

Sci Tech Daily reports rock samples from the Jezero crater analyzed by

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses organic compounds discovery on Mars and what it could mean for life beyond Earth. #mars #life #space #SpaceX #Astrophysicist #science #elonmusk #discovery #nasa Bruce Damer #SETI #IONS

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As the fifth head since 1935 of the world-renowned Hayden Planetarium in New York City and the first occupant of its Frederick P. Rose Directorship, Tyson considers the discovery a galactic break through.

According to the world-renowned astrophysicist, NASA’s study “gives very high expectations for there to be life, in many many places, possibly in our solar system but certainly across the galaxy.”

The Mars Global Surveyor, launched #NOW in 1996, was the first successful mission to the Red Planet since the Viking launches of 1975. Over its 9 years in orbit, it sent more than 240,000 images back to Earth, including this one of Mars’s north pole. More:

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Speaking to CNN about this discovery, Tyson explained that the research shows the prevalence of “water elsewhere” other than Earth. This continues to affirm the possibility—let me even say [the] likelihood—[of] the prevalence of organic molecules elsewhere, not just on Earth. By the way, we found organic molecules in meteorites that fell from space.”

Research associate of the Department of Astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History, Tyson furthered, “So, all the basic ingredients are there, the question is what kind of spark is necessary to go from inanimate organic molecules to self-replicating life. That’s a big frontier in biology today but it happened on Earth and it happened pretty quickly.”

Explorers, assemble! @NASA and @ESA are teaming up to tackle a mighty goal: bringing rock samples safely back from the Red Planet. What @NASAPersevere is collecting now could be back on Earth by the early 2030s. See how Mars Sample Return would play out:

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A full report released last summer, mandated by Congress, revealed 65% of respondents think there is intelligent alien life on other planets. Another 87% said UFOs are not a threat, according to Pew Research Center, which conducted the survey.

According to WTOP, more U.S. military and government officials with knowledge of, or experience with UFOs, are expected to reveal what they’ve seen beyond the sky’s view.

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That’s because the annual Defense Authorization Bill will likely include language allowing current and former government employees and federal contractors to share what they know about UFOs — or what the federal government prefers to call unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs — without fear of reprisal.

The provision is included in the House version of the National Defense Authorization Act for the next fiscal year, that was approved in July. The Senate has not approved its own version.

Former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, seen after he completed a year-long mission in space, in 2016, is one of 16 researchers selected for the study.
Bill Ingalls/NASA/Getty Images

Regardless of the political implications, a group of 16 researchers are scheduled to spend the next eight months studying UAP’s as part of a team for NASA.

The research, which will use unclassified data, will lead to a report that will be made available to the public next year.

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  1. NdGT is a great scientist but a lousy explorer. He keeps talking about UFOs as if he knows something about them, and whenever he does he exposes his manifest ignorance. The time for uninformed “experts” to comment on the phenomenon is long passed! Tyson should either educate himself or shut up about things about which he knows less than nothing.

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