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Summer Walker is hiring! However, her job listing might not pass the policy or vibe check on Indeed. Walker recently posted the requirement for the vacancy on the Instagram story of her alter ego account, @Glctawhre

Walker announced she needed an assistant. Most would assume the qualifications included administration work or even experience working with a Grammy Award-nominated artist. But Walker had her own idea of an eligible applicant. 

“Need male assistant, 2k month, age 25 & older, atl, have to have a car, have to know how to build stuff, (preferable white or gay).” 

The 26-year-old singer also added she prefers that the applicant “doesn’t give af about who I am or my music just need you to come work.” 

She then directed anyone interested to her email address. 

Summer Walker is hiring

@Glock_Topickz shared an image of the job listing. 

Summer Walker is looking for a male assistant who can build stuff, preferably white or not straight

— Glock Topickz (@Glock_Topickz) December 5, 2022

As expected, the post received a lot of backlash regarding its discriminatory and cheap parameters. 

@TalesofIvory had to ponder on the pay and the discrimination. 

Cheap behavior AND discrimination?!?!?

— Z?kage ?? ??? (@talesofivory) December 5, 2022

@_skvnny said the preferences were out of line. 

It be your own people. Wouldn’t even hire a black male .. “white or gay preferably”

— madi ? (@_skvnny) December 5, 2022

@DiaryOfKeysus brought out shade queen, NeNe Leaks, to tell Walker she was wrong. 

2k a month. Summer Walker…

— ???? (@DiaryOfKeysus) December 5, 2022

And @rye_des did the math and said it wasn’t adding up. 

That’s $12.50 a hour.

— Rye ?? (@rye_des) December 5, 2022

The dragging continued, including some mentioning Walker’s questionable record deal, which may have her in the hole. 

now yall know her contract bad… 2k is all she can afford???

— Beyonce’s ariola? (@im_babbyy) December 5, 2022

The “Girls Need Love” singer didn’t specify the particulars of the position, such as hours or tasks. 

She never responded to comments about the absurd listing, but social media got the word out on her behalf. 

Less than a couple of hours after her initial post, Walker made another post in her Instagram story claiming the position had been filled. 

Good luck to the new assistant!

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