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Community leaders and family members of Shanquella Robinson will come together this weekend to rally for justice in her death, The Million Youth March of Charlotte and Salisbury have announced.

Since October 29, it’s become a mystery as to how 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson wound up dead while in Mexico. Mountains of conflicting reports and conspiracies have speculated as to what really occurred at a villa in Cabo.

The family of Shanquella Robinson continues to wait for justice

Though social media has been credited with bringing her case to the forefront, many across the 704 area code will come out in-person in support of #JusticeforQuella.

While cases of missing or deceased Black women are often underreported, the family of Shanquella Robinson continues to speak out to ensure she is not forgotten.

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It was supposed to be a fun long weekend for Robinson, an HBCU graduate and business owner, and the group who went to Cabo to celebrate a birthday.

“She told me they had a chef. They were getting ready to eat. They were eating tacos or a salad or something, and I said, ‘OK. I love you. Have a good night, and I will talk to you tomorrow.’ I never talked to my child again. She never made it back home,” her mom, Salamondra Robinson, told Queen City News.

Next weekend in Uptown Charlotte:

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It’s been more than one month since Robinson, a Charlotte native, was killed while vacationing with “friends” in Cabo. Investigators there said an arrest warrant has been issued in the case, but police have made no arrests.

After a Charlotte reporter searched for the people on the trip with her to no success, WSOC-TV 9 reported on Wednesday, Shanquella’s sister remained adamant that justice would mean making sure whoever is responsible for her death is apprehended and serves time.

Shanquella Robinson’s mother reveals how she found out a fight occurred during the trip,alleges that her friends already picked out funeral outfits

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Her sister, Quila Long, expressed frustration with the investigation into the death that has captured worldwide attention.“No one has been arrested,” she said.

The US Sun reports when asked if there were any updates on the case, Long said: “We can’t say anything, they’re working on it.”

She added her idea of accountability would be “everybody being arrested and doing time in Mexico … everybody extradited over there and doing time over there. That’ll be justice for us, as of now.”

As news of other missing cases overshadow headlines, the mysterious death of Shanquella Robinson is not forgotten on social media, which her mother credited for bringing her daughter’s case to a global audience.

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Nearly two months later, the Robinson family is still waiting for answers.

Last week, Mexican prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for an alleged suspect in the case after authorities believed that Robinson’s killing was prompted by “injuries inflicted by one of the travel companions.”

Marked as a femicide, the person of criminal interest has yet to be identified. Conflicting reports claim that someone was taken into custody. However, Salamondra Robinson just recently complained about the FBI’s failure to offer her details on the status of her daughter’s ongoing investigation.

This is the touching Rap song for #ShanquellaRobinson who was brutally murdered by 6 people who lured her to Carbo San Lucas Mexico now we all want #JusticeForShanquellaRobinson #BoycottMexico Protest the U.S Government until all 6 are in Jail. #Accountability

— The Toronto Post (@TorontoPost) December 4, 2022

WBTV reports while the investigation continues, Organizers with Team Tru Blue, the Million Youth March, and Mothers of Murdered Offspring said they hope Saturday’s rally is a call to action for the community.

“Hosting the event was important to us to ensure that her name stay alive. During we all say, ‘Justice for Shanquella,’ ‘Justice for Shanquella.’ But it’s the days after, days like Saturday, that the family needs that extra boost and that extra support,” Mario Black, the founder of Million Youth March, said.

Tragically 6 people figured out they couldn’t hold a candle ? to the beautiful woman in this casket. So they extinguished her life. Don’t let this story go away like so many others. Continue to pray for the Robinson family. They deserve closure and Justice. #shanquellarobinson

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This weekend’s rally will be held Saturday at Little Rock A.M.E. Zion Church in Uptown Charlotte. It begins at 4 p.m.

A GoFundMe page for Robinson can be found here.

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