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Lawyers for Compton and rap legend Dr. Dre are demanding that Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene stop his using his music, after the highly controversial politician used the mega-hit single “Still D.R.E.”

“I don’t license my music to politicians, especially someone as divisive and hateful as this one,” Dre, who was born Andre Young, said in a statement.

The rabid MTG could use a hit of The Chronic

Greene, who represents a district in northeast Georgia, has promoted the far-right and baseless conspiracy theory QAnon, and in February 2022 she spoke at a white nationalist event.

In December she said she would have “won” the Jan. 6 Capitol attack if she had planned it with former Trump aide Steve Bannon, which earned a rebuke from the White House and Democratic lawmakers.

A forever Trumper, just last week, she unsuccessfully pleaded with fellow GOP House members to talk with the former President as her party tormented Kevin McCarthy through 14 failed votes to nominate him as Speaker.

NBC News reports the letter from Dre’s attorney, Howard King, dated Monday, demands that the Greene immediately cease and desist from using Dre’s music. The letter says she has been using it on social media.

“One might expect that, as a member of Congress, you would have a passing familiarity with the laws of our country. It’s possible, though, that laws governing intellectual property are a little too arcane and insufficiently populist for you to really have spent much time on,” the letter reads. “We’re writing because we think an actual lawmaker should be making laws not breaking laws, especially those embodied in the constitution by the founding fathers.”

Music publication Rolling Stone reported that the recognizable “Still D.R.E.” beat was used in a video posted to Twitter, which appears to have since been removed.

Just one day after closing out the 2022 Super Bowl halftime show with “Still D.R.E.,” the 1999 hit from Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg reached over one billion views on YouTube.

MTG responds to case and desist with signature GOP racism

A spokesperson for Greene on Monday sent a response from the Congress member to Dr. Dre that read: “While I appreciate the creative chord progression, I would never play your words of violence against women and police officers, and your glorification of the thug life and drugs.”

New York Post reports the “Still D.R.E.” writer paid his ex-wife, Nicole Young, $100 million in a massive settlement that determined Dre would keep the pair’s real estate properties, the rights to his music and stock options, Page Six reported at the time.

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