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The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is taking action after a racist video was posted to social media involving a White female at St. Hubert Catholic High School spray painting another White female in purposely offensive blackface. 

As of Thursday, at least two of the unnamed Philadelphia high school students are allegedly facing disciplinary action.

CBS News reports The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is trying to pinpoint who is behind the video. Officials believe that it shows St. Hubert students, but a spokesperson says that one of the students in the video is not a St. Hubert student.

“We will not disclose finite details of individual disciplinary actions but the level of behavior calls for a minimum of suspension and counseling and a maximum of expulsion,” according to Kenneth A. Gavin, the chief communications officer for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. 

Karen purposely wears blackface during Black History Month

In the video, a Karen is seen using black spray paint to color the face of another Karen as she says, “You’re a Black girl! You know your roots! It’s February! You’re nothing but a slave… and after this she’s doing my laundry.” 

The teenage Karen’s in the video can be heard laughing as this occurs. One person is seen filming the incident on her phone. The Karen who had her face painted mockingly says, “I’m Black and I’m proud.”

The archdiocese noted that their behavior violates the code of conduct and the policy on technology use, which applies to students inside and outside the school.

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While the questionable punishments are dolled out privately, in public the community protested on Wednesday after the racially charged video was publicized.

“If they do not do anything, remove your kids today,” one protester said.

Franklin Towne Charter High School posted the following statement on its website:

“The Franklin Towne Community is both saddened and appalled by the events surrounding the racist video that has been on social media. We want to again take this opportunity to condemn this type of hateful behavior and condemn anyone involved in it.

“Franklin Towne is a school that values inclusion and will not tolerate hate in any manner. The former student who took part in this video, and any other students who may choose to participate in this type of behavior have no place at our school. The content of this video does not reflect the values and culture of our Towne family.”

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  1. You want to end racism then stop calling these problematic woman Karen, start calling them out by their own names and make them accountable for their own actions instead of blaming innocent woman and children. Karen is also the name of indigenous people from Myanmar that have done nothing to no one. The more you keep calling them Karen your letting them ( the real racists) walk free to keep doing what their doing because they know that they can just hide behind the name Karen, while innocent people get blamed.

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