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White privilege isn’t about how hard White people work or how hard their lives have been. It’s about what they’ve been able to get away with for centuries.

But times are changing.

Gone are the days when White people can publicly abuse Black people.

Ken and Karen found that out the hard way.

Here’s how it went down. In the stands at a Steelers v. Lions NFL game in Pittsburg, Karen decided to test the level of her privilege, knowing that Ken was there to back her.

So, she thought!

karen steelers

In a now-viral video, Karen is seen yelling at a Black man.

“No! You shut up and get the f*ck out,” she yells while placing her hands on the man.

“Yo, don’t touch me,” the Black victim says, while pulling his arm away.

You can tell Ken really didn’t want to get involved as he sat quietly seated while Karen was seen overreacting as if it was her birthday. Ken was probably praying that the situation would deescalate.

However, Karen slaps the man boldly, and all hell breaks loose.

That’s when the man briefly zones out and lunges at Karen. In fear, she backs away. That’s when Ken had to get involved.

Let’s just say, Ken found-the-f*ck-out and so did Karen.

Like Red gets knocked-out by Deboo in the movie Friday, so became the fate of Ken. In one blow, he was reseated.


Had this incident happened during America’s Jim Crow days, this Black man would have been instantly dragged out of the stadium and lynched.

Nevertheless, the Black man was told to leave his seat by a few other White men who stood up and exercised their level of privilege subconsciously.

After all, why was the Black man told to leave?

Karen started the fight. Right?! 

We all saw the same video.

White Privilege!

YouTube video

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8 replies on “Karen slaps Black man at NFL game and finds out”

  1. I would like to know what happened to Karen. She should have been charged with assault. The Black guy was just defending himself. Quite frankly, I’m impressed that black people don’t knock more white privilege assholes out. I think black people show more restraint than they need to. Just sayin’.

    1. Look TV video when she told him to shut up his hands touch her while she ush away his hand and slapped him for touching her He is ah Bully and shud be locked up for wrongly hitting this white woman

      1. There is a level of personal space which Karen invaded. She was clearly the aggressor and while he remained calm, she continuously got closer, yelling and moving in his direction. As anyone would, he was backing her up from his space as would you especially with the fact that she was physically above him so she was leaning over towards him. He is not a bully, he is a human who has the right to his personal space. Even as he put his hands on her, it was not in an aggressive manner as she did. Quite frankly whos to say that during her rant, she wasn’t spitting on him during her aggressive yelling because if you want to be technical, that’s assault. At the end of the day he, as a man, geared his attention to the male she was with and took it physical. Karen lucky those women didn’t lay hands on her. She got a short lesson but I promise you she would’ve had a reminder every time she even seen a football let alone looked in the mirror, had that have been my man!

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