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In his directorial debut, Michael B. Jordan has sailed past expectations after “Creed III” earned over $100 million domestically and internationally during its opening weekend.

The latest installment in the trilogy earned $58.7 million in North America and $41.8 overseas by Sunday night, already surpassing its $75 million budget, according to Variety.

The film’s unexpected early earnings highlight the role Black-centered productions play in Hollywood, even as films by Black directors continue to be ignored at the Oscars. Placing the story over his own ego, Jordan focused heavily on developing his character Adonis Creed’s rival, played by rising star Jonathan Majors.

Picking up after the events of the second film, Jordan’s character is tending to family life and his career when a childhood friend reemerges ready to take over the boxing throne after serving a long prison sentence.

Creed III pummels past expectations

With themes of friendship and redemption, Michael B. Jordan opened up about how he took inspiration from popular anime shows like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto.

Using extreme close-ups and quick cuts, Director Jordan focused more on the dueling inner dialogues of the two fighters, rather than the stereotypical audio of the announcer.

“I wanted it to feel very emotional, like it’s just them. It’s just the two of them. It’s kind of like in ‘Naruto’ when you go inside of Naruto where the Ninetails Fox is sealed. It’s a void,” Jordan told IndieWire.

“On the outside, he’s going through something that’s physically excruciating. He’s in the middle of the battle. But internally, they’re someplace where they’re talking calmly and they’re having an emotional conversation about how they feel.”

Ticket sales for Creed III are selling at a pace 109% higher than Creed II, with stellar reviews to match.

A critic from the Associated Press called it “a promising debut for the 36-year-old, who shows here that he’ll never let his own star ego get in the way of a film.”

While some choose to debate whether Michael B. Jordan is corny or cool, no one can deny the instant success of his directorial debut.

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