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Donald Trump praised his indictment saying his polling numbers have “never been better,” and almost $10 million raised.

After his unprecedented indictment and arrest, Donald Trump is now claiming nearly $10 million has been raised for his campaign. In a post on Truth Social, Trump claimed that “it was an unbelievable experience, perhaps the Best Day in History for somebody who had just suffered Unjustifiable Indictment!”

“My poll numbers have never been better, almost $10 Million was raised for the Campaign and, the day was capped off with a very important Speech,” he continued.

(via Donald Trump Truth Social)

A Manhattan grand jury voted to indict Donald Trump on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records to illegally cover up a hush money payment to an adult film star who alleges she carried on an affair with him beginning in 2006, shortly after the birth of his fifth child to his third wife.

In bringing the charges, the Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, is embracing an unusual case that had been investigated by two previous sets of prosecutors, both of which declined to take the politically explosive step of seeking Trump’s indictment.

In the weeks leading up to the indictment, Trump railed about the investigation on social media and urged supporters to protest on his behalf, prompting tighter security around the Manhattan criminal courthouse.

The night of his indictment, Trump was back in his Mar-A-Lago residence where he delivered a speech in front of a crowd chanting “USA! USA!,” for a man that had just been arraigned on 34 counts.

A judge considered placing a gag order on Trump after his inflammatory rhetoric has already led to death threats for Bragg, but ultimately chose not to while strongly urging Trump to tone down the incendiary speech.

“I have a Trump-hating judge, with a Trump-hating wife and family,” Trump claimed.

With Trump facing criminal charges and running a presidential campaign simultaneously, he has continued to receive money and donations from his most loyal followers.

(Via Donald Trump Truth Social)

Moving on from his previous grift of selling NFT trading cards that were clearly ripped from Googled images, Trump is now selling a book made up of 150 letters that he claims were written to him from the likes of Princess Diana, Ronald Reagan, and others.

The book is selling for $99. 

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