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GREENWOOD Dist. — Locally beloved film director Keith “Sneak” Daniels will show his latest short film, “Enlighten,” at the Bare Bones Film Festival on April 29 at 5:05 p.m. inside the Roxy Theater in Muscogee, Oklahoma.

Inspired by the legendary Spike Lee, Daniels plans to prove that the next great filmmaker can come straight out of Historic Greenwood District, home to the original Black Wall Street.

“This is a Sneak Joint, so you don’t want to miss the show. This is a great love story starring two amazing actors,” Daniels told The Black Wall Street Times.

Starring Aubri Ebony and Mihkail LaPread, “Enlighten” takes viewers on a journey of the ups and downs of romance, with a major twist.

Greenwood film director premiering “Enlighten” at Bare Bones Film Festival

The filmmaker’s latest production comes off the heels of the major success of his documentary, “Fire in Little Africa,” co-directed with Ben Lindsey.

Utilizing beautiful cinematography, illuminating interviews, seamless transitions and, of course, soul-stirring songs from the artists, “Fire in Little Africa: The Doc” had audience members mesmerized through laughter, tears and a deeper understanding of the movement the album inspires.

Daniels hopes to do the same with “Enlighten” at Bare Bones Film Festival.

“This film was made locally so you are supporting a slew of home-grown talent. It’s also beautifully shot and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Plus there are tons of cameos of  paintings in the film from a lot of different local artists,” Daniels said.

The importance of film festivals

For independent filmmakers especially, film festivals are crucial to the success of a project and the future of their career.

“Festivals in the film world are how you get the word out about your film. It’s a platform where film fans can see your product no matter the  budget. It also allows for healthy competition because most film festivals  only selected a small percentage of the films that are entered,” Daniels said.

Festivals like Bare Bones give filmmakers an opportunity to win awards, network with other creatives, gain funding for full length projects, and even receive Oscar nominations.

“I would love to see Enlighten get accepted into more nationally and internationally recognized film festivals. I’ve put it in 20 so far and plan  to put it in at least 10 more. I would love to see it continue to have  success in bringing in more “Official Selections,” Daniels said.

Hailing from North Tulsa, over the backdrop of Black Wall Street, Daniels is on a mission to break into the film industry in a major way.

“I would also love for the success of this film to continue to help me secure financing for future and other current projects I’m working on. Getting representation is a definite goal as well. I need an agent to help break me into this industry,” Daniels said.

To follow Daniels and his latest projects, check out his Instagram page. Watch the trailer for “Enlighten” below.

“Enlighten” trailer by Keith “Sneak” Daniels

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