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The Madison Preparatory Academy Chargers showed up and showed out.

Far from the stuffy and stiff graduation ceremonies which ask audiences and everyone to operate with antiquated decorum, Baton Rouge’s Chargers were lit from the very beginning.

In a beautiful display of brilliance, creativity, and joy, graduates lost their collective mind while dancing, shouting, and kicking their shoes off to bask in their glory and celebrate one another in unbridled Blackness.

While some schools have tried to ban everything about our history and present, Madison Prep is a place where education and culture can be honored in real-time.

Madison Prep students are supported by those who look like them

Community School for Apprenticeship Learning. CEO/Dujan Johnson

Dujan Johnson, CEO of Community School for Apprenticeship Learning, stated, “When it comes to public education, there’s a lot to celebrate. It is said that if your plan is for a year, plant rice, if your plan is for a decade, plant trees and if your plan is for a lifetime, educate. Educators, students, parents, policymakers, and communities are working together and getting great results. The commitment to improve must be a shared goal in which all are participants. Our commitment is to ensure your child and every learner is inspired, challenged, and engaged in a vibrant educational journey.”

Athletic Director Jeffery Jones said, “MPA hopes that your experience in interscholastic athletes will teach you the value of teamwork and sportsmanship, strengthen your school spirit and pride, sharpen your athletic skills, and bring you enduring friendships.”

Alisa Welsh, school Principal, stated the school’s mission to provide academic growth, effective communication and build relationships. “First and foremost, students need to feel safe and welcomed at school and in the classroom. We strive to ensure that students know that we are investing in them as individuals, both personally and academically,” said Welsh.

Madison Prep Academy. School Principal Alisa Welsh

She continued, “It is important that students are in a growth mindset making strides towards academic gains in each subject matter. Second, it is important that we all work to see that our students have a successful year while maintaining a level of academic rigor and relevance that is appropriate at each grade level. We must keep a line of effective communication with all stakeholders. Finally, our faculty and staff will evaluate their best practices for student achievement to make daily informed, instructional decisions in the learning environment while building relationships and enhancing our school culture. These are my expectations for everyone at Madison Preparatory Academy.”

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