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Musician and content creator Lizzy Ashliegh is fervently seeking justice after a video capturing her confrontation with the assailant who violently ripped her wig off gained significant traction on social media.

The overwhelming power of online platforms assisted her supporters in identifying the perpetrator as Anthony Orlich Esq., consequently leading to his dismissal from the law firm.

Shortly after the incident, Ashliegh filed a police report with the NYPD; however, her attacker remains without any formal charges or arrests.

Encouraged by an outpouring of support on TikTok, urging her to persevere in her legal pursuit against Orlich, Ashliegh recently obtained crucial evidence of the assault, which had been lacking until now.

A TikToker known as Danesh, specializing in utilizing social media to identify individuals, provided valuable guidance to Ashleigh. In a comment on her post, Danesh advised her to obtain the CCTV security footage from a nearby cookie shop, situated in close proximity to the assault site.

According to Danesh, possessing video evidence significantly increases the likelihood of an arrest. “If they have footage of him assaulting you, the police will arrest him asap,” affirmed Danesh. 

The assault video, acquired just three days ago, has since been broadcasted by numerous local NYC news stations.

Ashleigh’s supporters, taken aback by the shocking contents of the footage, have resorted to social media to express their profound dismay, emphasizing that the reality far exceeds their initial expectations. 

Some viewers pointed out that if her wig would not have come off then Ashliegh may have been dragged by her hair due to Orlich’s force Orlich.

Henry Udechukwu, a TikTok creator who openly speaks out about racial injustice, shared his thoughts after seeing the video of the assault in a comment, saying, “I felt the violence against you deeply.”  

Another Black creator, Shaun Rose, conveyed her gratitude to Danesh for assisting Ashliegh in obtaining video evidence. Rose also expressed her fervent hope that Ashliegh will finally attain the justice she deserves. “I’m glad you were able to find him, Danesh was ON IT! I hope his actions will be held accountable for,” remarked Rose.

Currently, Ashiegh continues to be denied justice.

In a video she uploaded three days ago, she confirmed that Orlich has not been apprehended for the assault.

Expressing her gratitude towards Danesh for his assistance in obtaining the footage, in the video’s description, she stated:, “Staying prayed up for now ?? thank you Danesh for all your help so far.” 

She also conveyed her ongoing effort to maintain a sense of hope and confidence by posting a video showing off her many hairstyles and expressing appreciation for her hair’s versatility.

In the video she explained that changing her hairstyle every week is a part of who she is and the assault will not prevent her from doing so going forward. “ I have been switching up the green for over a decade now…no stopping,” Ashliegh said.