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Santia Deck is here to make a change. She has made strides in sports, and now she wants to venture into her non-profit.

Deck is a professional athlete and entrepreneur known for being the first woman to sign a multi-million dollar contract in American football. She transitioned from being a track and field athlete to playing football as a running back.

Deck has played for various professional football teams, including the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) and the Indoor Football League (IFL).

In addition to her sports career, Santia Deck is an influential figure on social media, a fitness trainer, and a motivational speaker.

The Black Wall Street Times spoke with Deck, who recently started her own non-profit organization Perfectly Imperfect. She says, “Our focus is on building the next generation of entrepreneurs, teaching them about financial literacy, and ensuring that these kids are prepared and equipped with the tools for success.”

Her motivation comes from the knowledge that people in our community are often not taught about these things when they’re young. She explains, “We mess up our credit and miss out on big opportunities. I want to focus on athletes, but it’s about much more than just that.”

Santia began playing sports at the age of 4, starting with tennis, then moving on to basketball and track. She received a full-ride scholarship at Texas A&M Kingsville, graduated, and eventually got into football. When asked about how she got into football, Santia admits “it was pretty random.”

Regarding her future goals, Santia stated, “I want to play for Team USA in flag football for the Olympics, and with my shoe company, I want to be bigger than Nike. I want to be the next Phil Knight.”

Ultimately, Santia wants to be the best version of herself, make an impact on the world, and when she has kids, be a pretty cool mom.

Tanner Frank is a 2023 summer intern for The Black Wall Street Times and a Tulsa, Oklahoma, native and a graduate of Booker T. Washington High Schoo. Tanner will be attending the University of Arkansas...