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Keke Palmer’s interview with Vice President Kamala Harris garnered a remarkable response from viewers who lauded Palmer’s ability to engage with the Vice President of the United States while remaining true to herself.

The interview took place on a special edition of Palmer’s podcast, “Baby, This Is Keke Palmer,” where they delved into pressing subjects such as maternal health and women’s reproductive rights, aligning with the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

As the founder of KeyTV and a new mother herself, Palmer raised an important question about the maternal health crisis and the contradictory message of encouraging women to have more children. In response, Harris emphasized the distressing correlation between states with high rates of maternal mortality and those that have imposed abortion bans. 

She expressed her frustration with the hypocrisy of individuals who claim to care about women and children while presiding over places with alarming maternal mortality rates, stating, “They’ll say, ‘Oh because I care about women and children.’ And you’re the same people that are so-called ‘leading’ a place that has some of the highest rates of maternal mortality. So which is it?”

Keke Palmer breaks internet with VP Kamala Harris interview

Harris acknowledged the healthcare system’s shortcomings in addressing women’s healthcare needs, aligning with her unwavering commitment to advocate for women and children. “The majority of my career I spent focused on the safety, the health, and well-being of women and children,” Harris asserted.

Despite the seriousness of the topics discussed, Palmer also seized the opportunity to ask a few more lighthearted questions during the episode. Featuring a playful game called “Questions that NEED to be Answered,” Palmer injected elements she knew her audience would find amusing into the conversation. After humorously impersonating the iconic “We Did It, Joe” moment, the 29-year-old actress inquired about Harris’ workout routine and her signature hairstyle.

Palmer candidly asked Harris, “How many times a month do you get a silk press?” Surprisingly, Harris revealed that she doesn’t use heat to achieve her bouncy look, opting instead for a boar-bristle round brush.

 This particular question drew praise from fans and viewers of the podcast, commending Palmer for her unapologetic personality and entertainment skills. Tweets poured in, expressing sentiments such as “Oh sweetie, Keke Palmer is gonna keep a JOB” and “She will always be famous.”

A special tribute

Beyond the interview, Palmer generously shared behind-the-scenes footage of her son and Harris. Her baby boy, Leodis, had the opportunity to visit the White House and meet Vice President Kamala Harris before the podcast episode was recorded.

Expressing her gratitude, Palmer took to Instagram to thank Vice President Harris for warmly welcoming her and baby Leo to the White House, describing the experience as amazing and unforgettable.

In a heartwarming video clip, Palmer’s boyfriend, Darius Jackson, held baby Leo as Harris leaned in and greeted him. Palmer revealed that Leo had received a special call from the Vice President when he was born.

Harris confirmed this with affection, telling Leo, “I did. To welcome you, I wanted to officially welcome you to this wonderful world. Welcome, Leo. We’re so happy you’re here. I can’t wait to watch what you will do.”

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