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Residents of a working-class, southwestern Philadelphia neighborhood continue to mourn after a shooter armed with a rifle and a bulletproof vest unleashed what appeared to be a random attack, killing five people.

A 2-year-old boy and a 13 year old were also wounded in what is being described as the worst episode of violence around the Fourth of July holiday, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The shooting began around 8:30 p.m. on Monday, July 3, in the area of 56th Street and Chester Avenue, just blocks away from the suspect’s residence, WPVI reported.

Armed with a rifle, pistol, extra magazines, a police scanner and a bulletproof vest, 40-year-old Kimbrady Carriker allegedly killed a man in his home before firing randomly at people on the street. Carriker continued firing even as police reportedly chased him, only stopping after being apprehended in an alley and taken into custody on five murder charges.

Law enforcement officials released the names of the deceased on Tuesday: They include 15-year-old Daujan Brown, 22-year-old Lashyd Merrit, 29-year-old Dymir Stanton, 31-year-old Joseph Wamah, Jr., and 59-yeaer-old Ralph Morais.

“We mourn the loss of 5 innocent lives and stand w/ those impacted during this tragic time. Our deepest condolences go out to them. I want to commend our brave @PPD12Dist officers who responded swiftly to this horrific shooting. Their courage, dedication, & restraint saved lives,” Philly Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw posted to Twitter Tuesday morning.

Philadelphia mass shooting suspect ranted about gun rights on Facebook

The latest mass shooting rocking the nation comes after a shooting a block party in Baltimore that killed two and wounded dozens more.

“What happened (Monday) night in our Kingsessing neighborhood was unimaginably disgusting and horrifying,” Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said at Tuesday’s news conference.

Kimbrady Carriker is being held without bail after being charged with 11 total offenses.

Ahead of the deadly shooting spree, Carriker allegedly posted numerous times about fears of the government taking away guns, along with a pro-Trump post.

Kimbrady Carriker Facebook Post

The alleged Philadelphia mass shooter also reportedly posted about being possessed by demonic spirits.

According to Heavy, which viewed the alleged shooter’s profile before Facebook Carriker recently shared an article that was captioned, “How do you know if an evil spirit is following you?”

Kimbrady Carriker Facebook Post

In a recent interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Cianni Rosette said she had rejected Carriker’s request to enter into a romantic relationship and that he was, for some unknown reason, “in a dark place.”

For the families of the victims, including the mother of 22-year-old Lashyd Merritt, the trauma continues to haunt them.

“It’s like I feel him saying, ‘Why me, why me, why me?'” Marie said. “I was laying in the bed and I see his face. He said ‘Mom, what happened?”

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