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Keke Palmer’s boyfriend and father of her child, Darius Daulton Jackson, stands firm in his opinion despite facing backlash for publicly criticizing her choice of outfit at a concert.

The controversy ignited when Darius quote-tweeted a video of Palmer donning a sheer dress and a black body suit while being serenaded by Usher during his Las Vegas residency.

Darius remarked, “It’s the outfit tho… you a mom.”

This remark did not go unnoticed by Palmer’s fans, who swiftly came to her defense, asserting that she should have the freedom to wear whatever she desires without facing public scrutiny from her partner.

Many expressed that Jackson’s decision to publicly condemn Palmer’s outfit choice via social media was unnecessary, suggesting that he should have addressed his concerns privately with Palmer.

Some individuals even suggested that Jackson’s tweet reflected his own insecurities about dating a renowned and beautiful woman. A tweet from one person read, “Ain’t no way Keke Palmer my shorty and I’m on the TL upset that she a baddie.”

The negative feedback Jackson received following his initial tweet compelled him to make an additional post in an attempt to defend his opinion. In his subsequent tweet, he argued that he holds certain values and is being labeled a “hater” for expressing his disapproval of the revealing clothing worn by his wife and the mother of his child.

Although some individuals sided with Jackson, many of Palmer’s fans highlighted flaws in his reasoning.

One fan stressed that the two are not married in a tweet that read, “Saying ‘wife’ when her ring finger is vacant…Saying ‘man of the family’ when we refer to you as Keke Palmer’s baby daddy.

Additionally, some took offense to Jackson’s assertion that Palmer would dress revealingly solely to please others. Those who voiced their opinion suggested that women often wear clothes that make them feel confident, rather than seeking validation.

Some individuals reposted videos and pictures of Palmer wearing revealing attire and dancing provocatively, which Jackson had previously shared. They argued that Jackson’s offense toward her wardrobe and dancing was driven by jealousy, particularly because she was being serenaded by Usher.

This led onlookers to believe that he seized the opportunity to undermine her, rather than expressing genuine concern about her outfit.

One individual tweeted, “Keke Palmer’s man problem isn’t the outfit. It’s who appreciated the outfit. His real problem is the smile on Usher’s face. In his mind, he could lose her, and instead of knowing how to process insecurity, he came to Twitter for affirmation.”

Supporters of Jackson argued that mothers should present themselves more modestly and believed that he was justified in safeguarding his public image. They claimed that Palmer should have been more mindful of her representation while in a relationship.

Overall, the controversy elicited both supportive and derogatory comments from both sides. Jackson continued to face hateful comments and ridicule, with some of Palmer’s fans resorting to humor by sharing memes from an episode of The Boondocks where Usher steals Tom’s girl.

Despite receiving an outpouring of support, Keke Palmer also became the target of negative posts and tweets.

She is now undergoing gross speculation in regards to her sex life, with many people unfairly equating her outfit choice to sexual promiscuity, and accusing her of being intimate with Usher.

Since attempting to defend himself, Jackson has deactivated his Twitter account, while Palmer has refrained from making any public statements regarding the issue. However, she did share pictures of herself wearing the controversial outfit on Instagram.

A fan tweeted, “If there’s one thing we’ve learned from all this… It’s that the internet does NOT play when it comes to Keke Palmer!”