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At a recent Oklahoma State Board of Education meeting on June 22nd, discussing the topic of indoctrination in classrooms, there was a physical altercation when some attendees were denied entry.

The meeting encompassed discussions on several controversial subjects, such as the proposal of a mandatory Western Civilization course, Critical Race Theory (CRT), the display of the Ten Commandments in classrooms, and the suggestion to extend a moment of silence to one minute to accommodate student prayer.

In addition to the discussion of these topics, the meeting offered teachers an opportunity to address the indoctrination allegations and defend their fellow colleagues who were facing potential license revocations.

During the meeting, opposing viewpoints regarding the existence of indoctrination within the education system were shared.

Two individuals attempted to block access to the meeting, resulting in a physical altercation. Leonard Scott III, a well-known conservative activist, distributed numbered cards to regulate entry.

Scott, along with Edwards Moore, faced accusations of obstructing the doorway and selectively granting access based on possession of these numbered cards. Attendees grew increasingly frustrated and demanded entry to the public meeting. When their requests were denied, a scuffle ensued.

To restore order and assess the situation, Lieutenant Alan Beaty of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) was dispatched to the scene. As part of the investigation, Lt. Beaty engaged with Leonard Scott III, who justified the use of the number system as a means to maintain order and prevent chaos.

Lt. Beaty clarified that no disorderly conduct or trampling had occurred during the previous meeting, underscoring that Scott was not an employee of the state.

While reviewing security footage, Lt. Beaty was approached by a female teacher who claimed to have been assaulted by Edwards Moore. The witness alleged that Moore physically restrained her from entering the meeting, citing the absence of a numbered card as the reason for denial.

Further examination of the security footage revealed Moore’s altercation with the witness, as well as his aggressive behavior towards a security officer.

Subsequently, a FOX 25 newscast featuring a video of the aftermath as well as interviews from Sean Cummings and a witness who saw Moore violently grab the woman’s arm to prevent her from entering the meeting.

Cummings, one of the individuals that was denied entry, engaged in a confrontational exchange with Scott. He revealed in an interview with Fox News 25 the way in which Scott prevented him access to the meeting saying, “He puts his walker in front of me and he stands next to it so I can’t get in.”

Following the incident, criminal probable cause affidavits were filed at the Oklahoma County Courthouse, prompting an ongoing investigation. As of now, no arrests have been made. However, Moore, Scott, and Cummings are now facing a range of charges. Moore faces charges of disturbing state business, obstructing passage to a state building, and two counts of assault and battery.

Scott is charged with disturbing state business, obstructing passage to a state building, and incitement to riot. Cummings faces charges of disturbing state business and incitement to riot.

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