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Drake astonished his fans during a recent concert by incorporating a surreal representation of his younger self into his performance.

The Toronto rapper kicked off his “It’s All a Blur” tour on July 5th at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. He thrilled his audience with an extensive setlist of over 40 songs from his chart-topping discography.

The show garnered significant online attention and left a lasting impression on fans that were in attendance. 

Among the memorable moments of the show, Drake’s rendition of “Take Care” stood out, leaving fans in awe as he shared the spotlight with a hologram of his younger self. The holographic version of Drake sat alongside him on a brown sofa while dancing and making various facial expressions.

At one point in the song, the seemingly holographic younger version of Drake extended his arm to hand the real Drake a notebook. Drake then took the notebook from his younger self and began flipping through the pages. This left the audience simultaneously stunned and perplexed. 

This unexpected exchange between the present-day Drake and his holographic counterpart left fans wondering about the symbolic meaning behind the gesture as well as how it was executed so seamlessly. 

The creative stunt left many of Drake’s fans dumbfounded, with some questioning whether it was an actual hologram or simply an actor. Social media platforms were flooded with reactions.

One Twitter user expressed amazement, stating, “Seeing Drake’s hologram handing him a book I no longer trust myself and my eyes too.” Another user shared their disbelief, exclaiming, “If it was a hologram, I’m lowkey shocked because I looked at that boy with my own eyes and thought he was real.”

One user also shared a video of the concert where you can clearly see the young boy on stage. 

Speculation suggests that the most plausible explanation for Dake’s younger self featured in the performance is that it involved projecting the hologram over a live actor.

This theory suggests that a real person played the role of Drake’s younger self, while an overlay was projected onto them.

While fans continue to debate whether or not it was a hologram, actor, or live-stream deep fake; this explanation gained traction, proposing that it was a clever fusion of live performance and advanced technology.

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