Beginning later this fall, Fulton Street’s new space will be at 21 Greenwood. Situated next to Greenwood Rising, the new location will place Onikah Asamoa-Caesar’s nationally-renown business on historic Black Wall Street.

“As Black owned businesses in Tulsa, we stand on the legacy created by Black Wall Street,” Asamoa-Caesar told The BWSTimes.

“Moving to 21 Greenwood and being able to call Black Wall Street our home is a dream. Literacy is a part of our legacy, as as Tulsa’s only Black-owned bookstore, we are excited to being that to the heart of Tulsa.”

Asamoa-Caesar announced the move as Fulton Street celebrated its third anniversary this month with its annual “Bookish and Bougie” event.

Fulton Street Books & Coffee builds on three years of exciting growth

It’s been a triumphant three years for Fulton Street. Opening at the height of the pandemic, the company rose to immediate prominence with the launch of its “ally box”. The subscription service allowed customers to receive a series of resources to help navigate critical conversations around race in America.

Just over a year after opening, Fulton Street launched its first Bookish and Bougie event. The experience, complete with vendors, music, food and more brought the culture of adult book fairs to Tulsa for the first time.

Less than two years later, Asamoa-Caesar announced via Instagram Live that Fulton Street was expanding to the Tulsa International Airport. In March of 2023, the company opened the first Black-owned space in the gateway to the city. Travelers from across the country can stop to purchase books and merchandise at the uniquely designed kiosk.

Owner says new location will center business among “movers, shakers and path pavers” on Black Wall Street

Now, a space designed to foster community through literature and fellowship for everyone in Tulsa will be situated in America’s historical epicenter of Black wealth and prosperity.

While so much change in a business’s early years could seem daunting, Asamoa-Caesar sees a unique and powerful opportunity. An opportunity, not for competition, but for collaboration and community building.

“We are looking forward to being surrounded by so many other amazing creatives and entrepreneurs in the area,” Fulton Street’s owner said.

“[They] have been movers, shakers and path pavers so that Fulton Street could find a home on Black Wall Street.”

Nate Morris moved to the Tulsa area in 2012 and has committed himself to helping build a more equitable and just future for everyone who calls the city home. As a teacher, advocate, community organizer...