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Good Girl Chocolate, a Black-woman owned chocolate company based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is headed to QVC in historically delicious fashion.

The Black Wall Street Times spoke with founder and owner Dr. Tabatha Carr, ND who says, “when we go to QVC next week, the goal is to sell out so we can show QVC what we’re made of.”

Photo Courtesy: Good Girl Chocolate

Good Girl Chocolate is gluten-free, dairy-free, and naturally sweetened.

Made with organic low glycemic sweeteners, Dr. Tabatha explained “our bean-to-bar process includes manufacturing, retail, and wholesale. Most chocolate companies buy their chocolates and then make it their own — not us.”

“We are whippin’ it from scratch,” says Dr. Tabatha Carr.

With a distinctive taste unrivaled by competitors, Dr. Tabatha remembers knowing she always had something special, even if the business itself wasn’t prepared to flourish.

“I presented to QVC some years ago at the Texas Women’s Conference; I didn’t have a website, storage boxes, no Instagram, and I had never sold to customers before,” recalls Dr. Tabatha. “All I had was this fantastic tasting chocolate that happened to be dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and non-GMO.”

Dr. Tabatha chose passion not perfection

“In these fives years, I’ve spent time sacrificing, learning, experimenting, failing and making things better, nothing happened overnight and that’s good because now we’re here and now we’re ready,” proclaimed Dr. Tabatha.

With no website or selling experience in 2017, Dr. Tabatha says she is presently at a full circle moment with QVC which began at the conference.

She explained, “QVC made me an offer but because I didn’t have the capital, equipment, or employees, I didn’t have anything that would position me to be successful so it was put on hold. And in 2022, they made another offer and I was ready.”

Photo Courtesy: Good Girl Chocolate.

“From what I understand there were hundreds of applicants at the Texas Women’s Conference so I was very fortunate to be one of the 30 presenters because again, I didn’t even have a website or anywhere for them to find us,” remembers Dr. Tabatha.

Not only was her leap of faith rewarded, but she remembers a food buyer at the conference saying, “this is the best tasting plant-based chocolate I’ve ever had in my life.”

Dr. Tabatha reflected, “We had just won the pitch competition for Whole Foods and I had just been accepted into the ACT House program in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s all about God’s timing. Even though QVC made an offer years ago, I’m very excited it’s happening right now because I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”

After being launched in The Tulsa International Airport and The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in May, Good Girl Chocolate has also been placed in 27 Whole Foods Market stores, all locations in Dallas, TX, Austin, TX and Oklahoma; Little Rock, AR, Fayetteville, AR.

Good Girl Chocolate grand opening at Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City on Saturday July 3rd, 2021 Copyright J. Wiggins of

“I’ve had QVC, Whole Foods, and airports in my prayers, on my vision boards, and inside my business plan since 2018,” said Dr. Tabatha.

Elaborating, she said, “So many historic milestones are happening from being the first dairy-free chocolate to premiere on QVC to [once nationwide] proudly become the largest Black-woman owned bean-to-bar chocolate in the country. This is history.”

“Young people need to be able to see Black folks out there making it happen. We need to be represented in Whole Foods and QVC,” Dr. Tabatha said.

She expounded, “Good Girl Chocolate is going to make an impact on the community and support children. I’m excited, grateful, and blessed that God chose me to do what I’m doing.”

Photo Courtesy: Good Girl Chocolate.

Not only has Good Girl Chocolate been discovered by celebrities and NFL players alike, but she remembers to keep in mind those who struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

YouTube video
Video Courtesy: Good Girl Chocolate.

“Knowing the importance of exercise and having balanced blood sugar is vital because sugar ages you. It attacks you everywhere in your body from the eyes to kidneys,” she explained. “That’s why so many in our community with uncontrolled blood sugar are on dialysis and have limbs amputated due to those sugars.”

“I have a 70% dark chocolate. I also have sugar-free chocolate because I had people who were diabetic and keto ask me to make something for them too,” said Dr. Tabatha.

“It’s all about spreading love. Chocolate is all about love.”

The naturopathic doctor posited, “When it comes to our mood, serotonin, endorphins, antioxidants — chocolate is full of wholesome goodness. We keep it wholesome because we don’t put all the extra stuff in it.”

YouTube video

“We launched a new bar at this year’s GRAMMY’S, the candied walnut brownie, which is a perfect balance between sweet and semi-sweet,” described Dr. Tabatha. “We candied the walnuts in-house too.”

Photo Courtesy: Good Girl Chocolate.

QVC will start accepting orders the morning of Wednesday, July 26. Catch Dr. Tabatha LIVE on-air at 7 p.m. CST.

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