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Cody Heron, 26, was arrested at his home in Frankford for the violent outburst that occurred Sunday in Philadelphia.

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Heron was seen on video stomping twice on motorist Nikki Bullock’s back windshield. The 23-year-old mother then exits her car as the biker is seen retrieving a handgun.

As the shouting began, he then head-butted her with his helmet. Bullock responded by pushing the biker and his motorcycle down. 

“So I jumped out and I was going at him and I ended up pushing his bike over and everybody starts surrounding me,” Bullock told CBS News Philadelphia’s Marcella Baietto.   

Cody Heron smashed the back window within feet of two children

This violent incident happened while Bullock’s two children were sitting in the backseat.

“The kids were screaming. Like it was insane,” said Bullock, who lives in Prospect Park.

Heron used a social media alias but public found him

FOX 29 reports Interim First Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore said investigators were swamped with tips from the public about the suspect after video of the incident recorded by a tourist atop a double-decker sightseeing bus swept across the internet. 

Further, it’s alleged that Heron used fake social media accounts that caused tips to come in under a false name.

Investigators discovered the alias and traced Heron’s digital footprint which lead them to a home in Frankford where they executed a search warrant that uncovered clothing, a firearm, and his motorcycle.

Neither of Bullock’s children were hurt during the incident.

Bullock told FOX 29 that several people have reached out about helping her pay for a new windshield, and several auto glass replacement company have lent their services.

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