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B.B. King’s ‘Lucille’ guitar going up for auction

When King learned the woman’s name was Lucille, he named his guitar after her “to remind himself to never fight over a woman or run into a burning building,” the auction house said.

Paying it forward with Ricardo Bates

Bates first became motivated to write as a coping mechanism to deal with a traumatic experience he had as a child at age 10. It was an unfortunate moment where he became the witness, nearly, losing his father. The encounter traumatized him to the point of muteness, but that moment, also, triggered an inner force, he had no idea he possessed — a love for the creative arts.

Black Wall Street Chamber Accepting Submissions For 2019 Tulsa Juneteenth T-Shirt Design

Recognizing the talent and passion within the Tulsa community Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce is seeking submissions for the t-shirt commemorating our 2019 Tulsa Juneteenth celebration. The design selected will fit with this year’s Prince theme as well as represent what it means to celebrate blackness in Tulsa. “Juneteenth”, “Tulsa”, and “2019” will be present in the selected design.