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Rec center named after North Tulsa Living Legend – Jane A. Malone

“Year after year, when no money was in the budget, Jane Malone would come forth and demand that enough money be there to keep the center open. Sometimes she would be the only one, and we wanted to do right by Chamberlain,” Mayor G.T. Bynum said.


Mayor Bynum Silently Neutral on Gun Control while Mayor Holt Publicly Signs Petition

Taking a stance against House Bill 2597 is nothing short of a noble act that few Republican politicians are willing to publicly object for fear of being alienated by their base. Cleary Mayor Holt understands that the bill will inevitably endanger the lives of every Oklahoman at grocery stores, schools, churches, including our law enforcement officers and should be repealed. He displayed his level of concern for his city by being public to his huge social media following.