Woman hurls racial slurs at Black landscapers in viral video

A video of a White Orlando woman cursing and shouting racial slurs at Black landscapers as they finished up a job at her neighbor’s house has gone viral.

Mid-Del School Teacher Caught in Another Racist Scandal

“Sunday afternoon, as I packed and prepared to leave Tulsa, Oklahoma, I fully intended on engaging in radical self-care while binge-watching 90-day fiance.  Instead, when I opened my Facebook application, I had been tagged in a post in which YET ANOTHER Mid-Del public school teacher, Kemper Rigg, was caught spewing racial rhetoric toward the black community.”

Your Eyes Are Open, But Are You Woke?

When confronted with a situation that brings out that dangerous emotion called anger, you will always have choices as to how you handle that particular situation.  React, or respond.  We can all go back-over our lives and see what happens when we react, versus when we respond when confronted with something that makes the very hair on the back of our neck stand up and makes our blood boil.