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Published 05/15/2020 | Reading Time 1 min 50 sec 

By Nehemiah D. Frank 

Somebody call the Black Panther Party ’cause Napoleon don’ arose from the dead and showed up in one of America’s original sundown towns: Edmond, Oklahoma.

David Stewart, a White man in Birth of a Nation fashion, honored Confederate American history early this week by blocking Travis Miller and company from exiting the Oklahoma City suburban gated-community for over an hour. 

Miller and his partner are both Black kings. ????????????????

Stewart parked his white Subaru in front of Miller’s delivery truck and antagonistically hopped his personified, egotistical Pa Gorg from Fraggle Rock ass ???????????? from the vehicle and policed these two Black ‘working’ men. ????

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The White unauthorized neighborhood-police-officer, who declared himself a board member of the community’s homeowners association, demanded to see Miller’s mobility/travel papers. ???????????????

“I want to know where you’re going?” Stewart commanded.

This hobbit [Stewart] must have forgotten that institutional slavery ended in 1865 and that most postwar Black Codes abolished decades before the Civil Rights Era.

He don’t need no mobility/travel papers, Stewie.

Nevertheless, we know that in America, the racial contract is still the unspoken golden relic and status quo for Whites’ social interactions with Black Americans.????

Hence, dis fool [Stweart] called the po pos.

Thirty minutes into the unnecessary debacle, Gorg’s cousin showed his nosy Aryan ass up, too. He joined Stewart, demanding, “All we want to know is why you’re in here and who gave you the gate code,” and “That’s all we need to know.”

Miller, whose responsibility included maintaining his client’s privacy, wasn’t obligated to tell the White man nuffin

Which was Miller’s rightful rebuttal to Stewart and his nosey neighbor, “It’s none of your business.”

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We can only wonder had Miller and his partner been White, would they have encountered the same interaction with the seemingly biased/racist Gorgs? 

In the wake of unarmed shooting deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor and the long history of racialized violence at the hands of White male ignorance, Miller’s encounter with Stewart’s quickness to call the police brought the Black man to tears.   

Miller recorded the entire, annoying and traumatizing ordeal live on Facebook, which now has over 408,000 views and over 13,000 shares and counting.

And yes, they’re dragging little Stewie in the comment section. 


And that’s today’s tea. 

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