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From the Editorial Board

For too long, the citizens of District 3 have been left out of the decision making process and denied a seat at the table. On Tuesday, August 28th, citizens have the opportunity to change this reality by electing Charles Wilkes as their next city counselor.

Transparency is the key in the democratic process.  

“Getting more people involved in the process will ensure that the community has a voice and a seat at the table,” Wilkes explained at a recent city council debate on Greenwood.

Another initiative he believes and thinks deserves much-needed attention is the infrastructure. Bridges, sidewalks, and local parks need to be updated in District 3.

“The beautification of our district directly affects the property value and District 3’s ability to draw companies and economic growth,” Wilkes said, and the Black Wall Street Times’ Editorial Board agrees.

Waiting more than an hour on public transportation shouldn’t be a norm in a city that aims to be world-class. As city councilor, Wilkes plans to be the voice in ensuring that adequate and sufficient transportation is a majority priority for District 3, considering the Tulsa International Airport sits in District 3.

Furthermore, Wilkes pledges to advocate for programs that are designed to help District 3 citizens become healthier and self-sufficient. He wants more resources for mental health, education, reentry programs to help reduce the high recidivism rates Oklahoma currently has.

Lastly, Charles Wilkes believes District 3 holds the potential to be just as vibrant as other more developed and affluent communities in Tulsa. With unwavering focus and the right resources directed towards the district, he believes its can receive revitalization.

Charles Wilkes currently works at Crossover Preparatory Academy and resides on the board for the Black Economic Business Expo. Charles Wilkes is also a native Tulsa and is a proud graduate of Tulsa Public Schools.   

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