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Lincka’s sound has been described as “beachy-Punk” and “Pop\Soul”. Her music brings a very in this moment feeling when you are listening. Lincka Elizondo’s vocal and lyrics are like stardust, and feel most especially universal when she passes fluidly from Spanish to English and back again.

“I am challenging my people; who live on the south-side (of Oklahoma City); who only listen to traditional music.” Lincka states when asked how her writing gives a voice to her culture and community.lincka

Yes, Lincka’s writing allows her to give a voice to people like herself. It also allows her to define herself and her generation from the backdrop of a culture that is often viewed in narrow terms. The music of Lincka interweaves American and Mexican cultures, rather than outline and define them.

In partnership with Dan Ashford AKA Rat Fink’s (Producer\guitarist) tracks Lincka finds most of her writing inspiration.

“I am, myself, Lincka. In order to have true success I need to have a team behind me. That is what excites me most.”

“Production is so important…” Lincka says when speaking of writing songs. Ashford …”spins a lot of old records…” and really “initiates the writing process” with his compositions.

“As an artist it is hard to put work aside and make down time.” Lincka relates, …”you come back feeling that high.” That inspiration high has Lincka and Rat Fink constantly reworking their material before release. It is not unusual for them to have 20 mixes of a song before they find that perfect balance in their visions.

Lincka along with Rat Fink and drummer Donald James will be performing for the first time in the Tulsa area at MisFest September 15th, including the debut of their latest single Chicana Baby.

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