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Photo Courtesy of Tim Gilpin for Congress 

From the Editorial Board

Throughout his campaign, Tim had been relentless in listening to and leaning on the expertise of the North Tulsa community. He has not taken their vote for granted and has pushed aside a long-standing narrative that the north side of town is unimportant in his strategy to flip a deep red seat.

Tim’s battle on Tuesday is an uphill one. He is the first Democrat to run for this seat in nearly a decade, and most polls show his Republican opponent taking it handily.

But if we have learned anything, it is that polls do not tell the full story.

Tim’s opponent has demonstrated the opposite behavior. Where Tim had been present, his opponent had been absent. Where Tim has leaned in, his opponent had been unresponsive.

Our reporters have attended multiple events, including debates during the GOP primary, and Tim’s opponent was absent at all of them.

Not only that, but Tim’s opponent has also failed to respond to emails and calls from multiple groups throughout Tulsa inviting him to events across the city.

This for us paints a stark difference between Tim and his opponent. We believe, wholeheartedly, that you cannot lead the people if you do not love the people and that you cannot love the people if you do not know the people.

Tim has taken the time to listen and to learn in-order-to love and lead.

Tim Gilpin embodies the type of representation our community deserves in the United States Congress, and we are honored to endorse him in this critical election.

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