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Photo Courtesy of Drew Edmondson for Governor

From the Editorial Board

We believe in transparency. We believe in accountability. We believe in telling the truth.

Drew Edmondson was not our first choice for Governor. Some in our community have bristled at his candidacy, naming their concerns around the actions he took as Attorney General. They are concerns we have shared as well.

However, at this moment, and at this time, we believe that Edmondson is undoubtedly the best choice in the race to be our next Governor.

This assuredness comes not simply as a result of our deep concerns around the prospect of a continuation of the same failed policies that have plagued our state under Mary Fallin with a potential Stitt administration, but it comes as well as a result of Drew’s ideas and values.

During the walkout, Edmondson was there, standing outside with teachers day after day, hearing their stories and helping to champion their cause. Stitt, on the other hand, was absent and stated he would have vetoed the funding for the teacher pay raises were he sitting behind the Governor’s desk. The choice is clear.

Edmondson seemingly embraces progressive ideas to support undocumented immigrants by allowing them to obtain drivers licenses, pushing back against the administration, and refusing to embrace the president’s divisive ideals simply to win votes. Meanwhile, Stitt has opened his arms wide to the overtones of racism that swirl around the current immigration debate in this country. The choice is clear.

Edmondson, a supporter of the second amendment, believes that common sense gun reform is necessary – because places of worship, theaters, schools, concerts, restaurants and yoga studios should not be the very places where we fear for our lives. Stitt, on the other hand, has welcomed the backing of the NRA, adopted their policies, and hosted a party where donors could shoot the very type of weapons that have killed scores of children in our schools in order to further fund his campaign. The choice is clear.

There is too much at stake, too much we are facing together to believe that change can wait.

The time for change is now, and we urge all of our readers who believe similarly, who believe that Oklahoma’s future must be better than its present, to cast their vote for Drew Edmondson for Governor on Tuesday, November 6th.

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