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32149021_2021820007842310_2002654258402426880_nTULSA, Okla. — Angela Graham is a fierce Deborah Brown Community School early childhood educator who deserves recognition; she’s also running for House District 66. She hopes to represent the constituents of Oakhurst, Sand Springs, Tulsa, and the rural counties of Osage and Tulsa.

Graham is part of the teacher wave sweeping America, and education is her first priority if she earns a seat in the Oklahoma legislatures. The majority of our staff Black Wall Street Times staff have worked in public education at some capacity; henceforth, we like that Ms. Graham is running for a seat in the Oklahoma congress.

Additionally, Ms. Graham has shone the utmost dedication and respect for Oklahoma’s marginalized communities. She’s what many Black and Brown folks would consider  to be a fierce advocate for social justice.

Graham believes that all Oklahomans should have a livable wage. Currently one in four Black and Brown Oklahomans live in poverty due to low wages. She wants to change that.

“When well-prepared children enter good schools with strong teachers and paraprofessionals, those children have a much better chance to learn, grow, and succeed.  Unfortunately, Oklahoma’s children face a school system devastated by funding cut after funding cut, a system left to wither and fall apart by our Republican legislature.” — Angela Graham

At the Black Wall Street Times, we value high quality schools that are determined to close the achievement gap between the racial cohorts.

We know that we can’t end Oklahoma’s school-to-prison pipeline without closing that gap.

We know that Oklahoma teachers will continue to leave our boarders without adequate pay that demonstrates  our states values teachers.

Therefore, the Black Wall Street Times’s editorial board proudly endorses Angela Graham for District 66 House Representative.

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