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Published 08/19/2019 | Reading Time 2 min 14 sec 

By BWSTimes Staff 

  • a TV web series set in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • a film about black nerds
  • directed by local film director Hank Byrd of “In The Thick: Conversations From The Plus Side Of Life (2017), and screenwriter and film director of As We Lay (Short), as well as other films

Hank Byrd is a screenwriter and film director, actor, photographer, blogger, humorist at Cinemental Filmworks who just completed his new web series titled “blerds”, shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

It’s a web-based, 10 episode, comedy/drama that follows the realistic, fantastical, funny and touching lives of Charlie, played by Aaron Michael King, who’s a hopeless romantic and dreamer. Tye, played by Buddy Rodriguez the family man still trying to hold on to his Nerd identity; and Londisizwe Agbara “the Duke” as Warren, the life-long bachelor and jack of all trades.


Life becomes real when two of these longtime friends find themselves victims of corporate downsizing from an advertising firm.

Charlie, who had always had the dream of becoming a comic book writer, convinces Tye and Warren to pool their resources together and start an independent comic book company in Charlie’s apartment. Joining them for the ride is Retha, played by Kenesha Daniels, Charlie’s sobriety-challenged, free-spirited sister, and colorful cast of characters. 

In each episode, “blerds” follows the lives of these close friends who not only had a hard time navigating their teens but just like high school, each one is trying like hell to survive and make sense of their adulthood, filled with the added responsibilities of parenthood, marriage, finances and making the tough decision to either set aside their dreams in order to conform, “grow up and get a real job”, or follow their dreams at all costs!


“blerds” isn’t just a show about pop culture references. It uses a unique brand of humor to introduce audiences to a type of Nerdom many aren’t familiar with. It’s also about adults confronting the real obstacles that thrown at you while you’re trying to make sense of your life. It’s about the loss of innocence we’ve all gone through, coupled with the fight to keep that innocence at all costs, even when your family, friends and loved ones are against you. Through it all, this group of “lovable losers” is determined to win at love, life and the pursuit of Blerdom!

“For most of us, high school was a lot like a bad prison movie from the ’70s. While I don’t think anyone was shanked or “unpleasantly fondled” in the showers, we all tried to get through each day without getting beaten up or becoming the butt of a humiliating joke. Kids were cruel, and to survive “the yard”, one had to blend into the various cliques. Our high schools were filled with: Geeks, Nerds, Jocks, Preppies, Goths, Metalheads and The Popular Kids. Every school had them. Everybody has been one of them…But what about the kids that didn’t quite fit into any of those groups? What became of them?” Hank Byrd shared in his most recent press release.

The series also includes an impressive sound track of local artist as well: Faye Moffett, Tea Rush, Krisheena, Branjae, Suarez !nspired Republic, Daniel Olaleye, Shabaka, Miko The Artist, DaNarrator, Steph Simon, iamDES, Divine Sounds Productions, Keeng Cut, Jankins, Showstopper, Gravity, Quentin Marcellis.


The film will debute on Thursday, August 29, 2019, at the Circle Cinema in Tulsa, Oklahoma at 7 PM and include a Q&A Session hosted by the one and only Jerica Wortham. Get Tickets Here

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