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Published 11/10/2019 | Reading Time 1 min 31 secs 

By Khalil Hakim, contributing writer

Trump finally found a stadium full of people who won’t boo him — in the old Confederate and former slavery and slave-trading loving southern state of Alabama, a state that ranks at the bottom in every measurable category.

Trump didn’t want another repeat of Game 5 of the World Series, and a UFC fight he attended in New York last week, where boos he received at both events were replayed in abundance over national airways and across every social media platform.

Alabama is 50th in Education, 47th in Higher Education 46th in Health Care, 45th in state ranking Economy, 45th in employment where 17.4% of the population lives below the poverty line, 45th in opportunity, and 45 in Crime and Corrections. Hence, to all appearances, Trump nor Alabama Republicans have done much to lift Alabama out of its consistent deteriorating state.

What this tells me is that these folks would rather be uneducated, jobless, and broke as Cooter Brown but still, a lover of 45 because he lets them be their fully-racist, bigoted, and hateful selves.

When President Trump attended Benedict College, a 150-year-old historically Black college and university (HBCU) in Colombia, South Carolina, students were told to stay in their dorms. The university even went as far as to serve the students their lunches in their living quarters. Only seven students, out of the entire university, were allowed to attend the event.

A university spokeswoman, Kymm Hunte, said, “safety concerns and threats of protests,” were the reasons for why students were made to stay in their dorms.

But we know that Trump, who suffers from white fragility times ten, didn’t want to hear America’s Black college-educated students’ boing his fragile ego.

Furthermore, Alabama students were told by their student affairs that “Any organizations that engage in disruptive behavior during the game will be removed from block seating instantly for the remainder of the season.”

We know this information was a message tailored to students of color, who have felt targeted by Trump’s racist behavior and dangerous xenophobic rhetoric and from his millions of white MAGA followers who are largely concentrated in the South. In addition, we know this message was for the many Black and Immigrant loving allies that may simply want to disruptively boo in protest and exercise their constitutional rights.


Khalil Hakim is a Tulsa transplant from New Jersey. He graduated from Trenton Central High School and joined the United States Air Force, where he served our country for 11 years. Khalil is a spoken word poet and is the host of INSIGHT2INCITE podcast on Podbean. He earned a Bachelors in Telecommunications at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he also pastored a church. Khalil is the founder of 4k Publishing and a staff writer at the Black Wall Street Times. However, what he’s most proud of is fathering his three precious girls: Tiara, Khalia and Kyndall, and grandfathering two handsome boys: Romario and Izaiah.

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