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Published 03/24/2020 | Reading Time 2 min 35 sec 

OKLAHOMA — As the COVID-19 crisis continues to grow, study after study indicate dire consequences for the State of Oklahoma should Gov. Kevin Stitt fail to take immediate and drastic action to prevent a widespread outbreak. Two particular studies, the COVID Act Now study (produced by data scientists and public health experts) and the Columbia University Study show that if the state continues with its current loose “social distancing” measures, up to 70 percent of all Oklahomans are at risk for infection, hospitals would be overrun within a month and tens of thousands could lose their lives by summer.

However, those same models suggest that if Oklahoma takes strict measures and follows the lead of other states across the country, these numbers could be drastically reduced and over 50,000 Oklahoma lives could be saved.

Last night, at 8PM, a non-partisan, non-political Facebook group called “Save Our State” was created calling on the governor to take the bold, necessary and unavoidable step of ordering Oklahomans to “Shelter In Place” immediately.

Since then, the group has grown to more than 19,500 members who have collectively sent hundreds of emails, phone calls and Tweets to the governor using the hashtag #SaveOurState.

Collectively, we, as concerned citizens stand in support of our most vulnerable, of our healthcare heroes and frontline workers in calling on the governor to set aside politics and do all that he can to serve and protect the people of this country. In the absence of federal leadership, our state leaders must fill the gap.

We are all Oklahomans. And in the face of terrible tragedies, we come together, fight alongside one another and support our neighbors however we can. This crisis will test us like no other crisis has before- but what we do now will determine whether or not we allow this crisis to become a catastrophe.

We call on Governor Stitt to listen to the citizens, the science, the healthcare heroes and issue an executive order mandating “shelter-in-place” immediately. We must act now to #SaveOurState.

Here are three things you can do now:

  1. Invite 10 Oklahoma friends to join the group
  2. Send Gov. Stitt a tweet using the hashtag #SaveOurState. Here’s an example:
    1. It’s time to issue an executive order to save lives from #COVID19 NOW, @GovStitt! OK must #ShelterInPlace to protect our healthcare workers, first responders and our most vulnerable. #SaveOurState
3) Create a Facebook post asking others to call and email the governor. Here’s an example:
“Oklahoma is at a tipping point. We need Governor Stitt to issue an executive “Shelter-in-Place” order immediately. Failing to act puts our healthcare workers and first responders at risk and could potentially cost tens of thousands of Oklahomans their lives.
Join us in calling and emailing the governor and urging him to #SaveOurState using the information below:
Phone – 405.521.2342 /// Email site –

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