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Published 03/30/2020 | Reading Time 2 min 14 sec 

OKLAHOMA — On Sunday night, Save Our State hosted an online, virtual rally via Facebook LIVE, drawing roughly 2,000 attendees over the course of 30 minutes. Attendees sent hundreds of tweets and emails to the governor in just a few minutes, calling on Governor Stitt to issue a shelter in place immediately. Another rally is scheduled for 8:30 PM tonight if the governor fails to act today.

COVID-19 has claimed the lives of 17 Oklahomans and infected hundreds of others. These numbers are already frightening and continue to grow day after day. Nearly 40,000 Oklahomans have come together in less than a week to form “Save Our State” and call on Governor Stitt to take action by issuing a life-saving “shelter in place” order for all Oklahomans. Stitt has failed to act swiftly, putting everyday Oklahomans and healthcare heroes alike in jeopardy.cropped-Screen-Shot-2020-02-24-at-4.02.05-PM.pngLast night, nearly 2,000 individuals from across the state joined a virtual rally to call Governor Stitt to act. In just 30 minutes, hundreds of tweets and emails were sent to the governor to act immediately. At 8:30 this evening, the group will host its third virtual rally should the governor continue to fail to act to save lives. 

Models show that, if Stitt continues to delay action, up to 250,000 Oklahomans (if not more) could be hospitalized within the next 8-12 weeks because of COVID-19 and thousands could lose their lives.

As this group continues to grow in size and in commitment to saving lives and supporting our healthcare heroes, we will continue pushing Governor Stitt to take action and issue a “Shelter-in-Place” executive order, which will protect our working Oklahomans and those in greatest need of support.

Lives are at stake! We are out of time! He must act now!


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