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At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Mayor G.T. Bynum was at the forefront of taking the critical steps necessary to keep Tulsans safe. However, as time went on and political pressure mounted, he changed course.

Even as everyday Tulsans and public health experts pleaded with him not to, our mayor allowed the largest indoor event on the planet — one with no social distancing or mask requirements — to take place in our city. He called it “a great honor”.

Tulsa needs someone at city hall who will never let political headwinds keep them from doing what is best for the safety, health and wellbeing of everyone who calls our city home.

As mayor, Greg Robinson said during The Black Wall Street Times Town Hall that he would have heeded the warnings of health experts and done everything in his power to stop the June 20th rally from taking place. He would have worked to implement a mask ordinance earlier and collaborated with city councilors and the Tulsa Police Department ahead of time to ensure that the ordinance was as sound, clear and effective as possible.

Robinson understands what Tulsans are facing. Greg works every day with families who have seen their livelihoods threatened because of the rapid spread of the virus in our community. He cares for his mother, someone whose illness makes her especially vulnerable to the COVID-19 and knows how it feels to worry about loved ones during this uncertain time.  

Greg gets it. And as we continue to face the challenges ahead with the COVID-19 crisis, Greg will always put people over politics. It’s why he actively supported the passage of Medicaid expansion — because he believes healthcare is a human right – especially in a pandemic.

It’s why he has received the endorsement of healthcare leaders like Dr. Jabraan Pasha, who said: 

“Now more than ever, Tulsa needs a leader who has unwavering loyalty to our citizens. A leader who will be willing to make the toughest of decisions to keep us safe. Greg is that leader. I also believe that he has EVERY Tulsan’s best interest in mind when he states he wants to make Tulsa better. I am 100% behind Greg Robinson.”


Tulsa has a long road ahead, and the city deserves a leader who will never yield to political pressure and proactively fight for all of Tulsans, every day. 

Many Tulsans believe the city deserves a leader like Greg Robinson. Many Robinson supporters hope more voters will join them and leaders like Dr. Pasha and vote Gregory C. Robinson for Mayor of Tulsa on Tuesday, August 25th.

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