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Did you hear the skeleton from “Tales from the Crypt– LOL, let me stop — I mean, Candace Owens is considering a presidential run in 2024? Chileeee, just when we thought she was done…Trump must have not used protection. Now his spawn is running loose everywhere. ????

Chileeee, miss thang continues to be a WHOLE mess, embarrassingly tweeting over the weekend that she’s considering a run for The White House. The anti-Black Lives Matter right-wing, self-hatin’, talking head tweeted, “I love America. Thinking about running for President.” 

???? Black Twitter dragged that ass, of course. Nevertheless, she did get 258K likes — probably from bots

If the conservative commentator, turned Black pariah, runs in 2024, she’ll be 35 — making her bearly eligible, according to Constitutional rules.    

Owens wouldn’t be the first Black Republican to run for the highest office in the land, Herman Cain, who contracted COVID-19 and died last July three weeks after attending a Trump reelection campaign rally in Tulsa, maskless during a global pandemic, ran against former President Barack Obama in 2012. 

Thank God his 9-9-9 nonsensical crazy *** lost. God rest his soul, though.  

Now, back to Owens. 

Candace would be the first Republican candidate to run for the presidency without a college degree since Barry Goldwater did in 1962. That’s right. She never finished that journalism degree. 

We all saw what happens when a mediocre, narcissistic, and ill-prepared leader takes the reigns of our country, a near insurrection, coup attempt to overthrow our American democracy—that, coupled with White racists crawling out of the dusty cupboards like embolden cockroach in search for the magical taste of melanin. 

A Candace Owens presidency could be just as damaging as the previous four years because she’s narcissistic enough to think she’s qualified for the highest office of the land. Nevertheless, she’s obviously influenced enough by the far-right to the point that she often ignores racial justice issues that affect people who look like her. But not only does she ignore them, she actually makes it harder for Black people to teach White people how not to be racists. 

“Mr. Floyd was a thug, didn’t deserve to die but honoring a thug is irresponsible,” she said last year amid Black Lives Matter protest in the wake of Mr. George Floyd’s death. She even blamed Ahmaud Arbery for his own death

Since becoming a national Republican influencer, Owens has consistently made nebulous statements regarding the murders of Black Americans, failing always to deliver the overarching context from 1619 to George Floyd’s death and beyond: that Black Americans have always been the targets of racially unjust systems.

So in four years, if any non-melanated person asks what does Black America think about Owens, the answer is: We’ve been snatched Sista-girl’s Black Card, permanently banning her from every Black barbecue since 2016.

And I’m sure Harriet Tubman would have approved of our snatching it. 

Y’all, this _______  is crazy. ???????????

So, good luck getting the Black Vote in 2024, Candace. It’s how Uncle Joe and Madam Vice President Kamala Harris earned their current spot in The People’s House–favor that you no longer have with your own people.

Damn, girl. 

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9 replies on “Candace Owens continues to be a mess, alluding Presidential bid in her future”

  1. She is young, smart, beautiful, happily married, a new parent and rich. Your article comes across like a jealous child..

  2. I believe it’s beneath our American values to censor, cancel or debase anyone because they choose to voice an opinion. The continual attacks using misinformation and outright lies serves no purpose but to perpetuate hatred and divisiveness among our people. I admire Candace Owens because she isn’t afraid to share her conservative values and debate anyone of opposing ideas. Open truthful civil debate is an true American value we should all aspire to.

  3. What unintelligent, stereotyped, broken English, uneducated, fake woke person wrote this blog bruh? Oh my god this is so embarrassing and simple minded of someone to write and construct.

  4. She’s doing this for the money. MAGA media showers money and praise on any black person who will attack BLM or anyone struggling for the rights of others. Diamond and Silk, Jamie Harrison, it’s a short but well compensated list. She is smart enough to realize this is a gravy train like no other out there for black women.

  5. She’s rich because she became “Trumps black person”. She hasn’t earned any money other than shilling for the right wing as the “black person who thinks Trump is a genius and has a lifetime of working for POC” like refusing to rent to black people in his apt. buildings. There are always those who will sell out for money. “She’s rich” and that makes everything OK?

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