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Will somebody somewhere loosen-up Candace Owens’ extensions so her scalp can breathe and brain can ?think clearly?Sister-girl has lost her entire mind.

Recently, the seemingly confused talking right-wing conservative stuck her bobbling head out the window, fiddled her thumbs and tweeted her political objections to the Twitter universe.

Owens horrifyingly downplayed the modern-day lynching and murder of unarmed jogger Ahmaud Arbery, sending Black America’s Ancestral Queen Mother, Ida B. Wells, into a full ?seizure in the grave.

The last words Arbery heard weref-cking n-gger“.

What’s worse? Candace did it on Mother’s Day weekend; it would be the first Mother’s Day Wanda Cooper, mother of Ahuamd, would spend mourning the death of her late son who died at the hands of racists.

Here’s what the racially confused talking head said on Twitter: 

Like what is wrong with this girl. Does she not realize that Black folk, people who look like her, are disproportionately infected and succumbing to the coronavirus?

Where is Owens’ concerned tweet about that?

Then again, Black America may be lucky that Owens isn’t tweeting about the disproportionality of Black Covid-19 cases because she’d probably say something ignorant like, it’s Black people’s fault for not eating healthy, forgetting about the plethora of food deserts that litter Black communities across this country and the economic and health injustices that we continue to suffer presently. 

Whew! I’m hot y’all. The girl got me mad. ????

Next, Jussie Smollet is old news. OLD NEWS, Candace! Somebody tell the talking head to LET IT GO! 

And yes, hontee — Ahmaud was jogging. He may have become curious about the property because he may have been interested in buying it. People do that kind of thing all the time. 

But Owens’ brainwashed mind echoed White supremacy, thinking the worst of her own Black brother. She saw a young Black man and, like her Trumpian Master’s base, thought criminal thug.

She wasn’t there when Ahmaud was murdered.

The point is: Candace doesn’t know why Ahmaud entered the vacant home that was under construction. Nevertheless, she planted and polluted a narrative into the minds of thousands who came in contact with her evil ass tweets about a murdered victim. 

Why in the total f–k does she even need to tweet that she’s not a slave and wants freedom?

We already know this about you, girl [Candace]. All Black people want these things. 

Candace Owens’ Marriage is her business

And we know that Candace doesn’t give two f–ks about what Black America thinks regarding her social or political choices.


It is a free country, and you [Candace] can do whatever you want boo-boo. You’re grown. ????????Period????????Point????????Blank! 


But the question is: Who’s on the plantation now? Evidently, the former homegirl turned house gal got married to her farmer husband last summer at Trump Winery in Virginia.

Looking at the picture, we can only speculate that Black enslaved people probably cleared that land prior to her Georgian husband’s ancestors’ fall of the Confederate South. 

SMMFH with a frown on my MF face.???????????

Before Black people had any kind of political/voting power in this country, Blacks were consistently hunted down by White racist mobs for entertainment purposes. Moreover, Black lives have been stigmatized by right-wing propaganda machines since day one in America. White supremacy’s media branded our Black lives as dangerous and born to criminal behavior.

All “FAKE NEWS” of course.

And the fear of a Black man running near their homes is precisely the reason why these two White idiotic vigilantes decided to accost and murder our brother.

Someone needs to send Candace a copy of Ibram X. Kendi’s Stamped From the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America, before she gives Fannie Lou Hamer and James Baldwin heavenly aneurysms. 

Candace may think that Arbery went from “just a jogger” to “just a trespasser”, but she has officially gone off the deep end with these pathetic tweets because even most police officers believe Gregory McMichael and his son Travis McMichael were the real criminals. 

Candace has gone from being the pretty Black girl with the smooth vernacular to having her #Blackgirlmagic card snatched permanently, not because she chose to marry a White guy, but because she downplayed a Black man’s murder knowing good and damn well that it could have been her own father who was lynched in Feb. 2020.

And that’s the shady tea I’m spilling today.

Nehemiah D. Frank is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Black Wall Street Times and a descendant of two families that survived the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Although his publication’s store and newsroom...

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