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Merchandise curated by Trey Thaxton features Tulsa-area Black-owned brands.  

Tulsa, OK— Activist and artist Trey Thaxton, a frequent pop-up at Shops at Mother Road Market, has returned to Mother Road Market in a new kiosk. The 19&21 retail space, which opened today, features a curation of local Black-owned businesses including the popular Greenwood Ave. clothing brand.

“I’m excited to be in Mother Road Market for the first time, surrounded by entrepreneurs working to build something bigger than themselves,” said Thaxton. “We hope to bring a new audience to our work, which celebrates Greenwood and Black makers to build a bridge that unites our city.”

Thaxton has committed to donating 10 percent of all merchandise sold to community-building efforts in North Tulsa, including the Oasis Project, Crutcher Foundation and the Crossover Academy.

mother road market trey thaxton

Black entrepreneurs at Mother Road Market 

Mother Road Market, Oklahoma’s only non-profit food hall developed by the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation, is located at 11th and Lewis in the heart of the Tulsa Market District on historic Route 66.  It’s a vibrant community space for people to eat, sip, shop and enjoy more than 20 different locally-owned businesses, all under one roof. 

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to utilize the small shop model to pilot concepts without the burdensome financial investment of opening a full-scale restaurant or retail space. 

Trey Thaxton’s 19&21 is about celebrating Black excellence, featuring its flagship brand, Greenwood Ave. Created by Goldmill Co. in 2018, it was born as a need to honor a far too often hidden piece of history, the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921. 

While the story of the massacre continues to gain traction, the companies are focused on celebrating the innovators, risk-takers and pioneers that built the original Black Wall Street. 

Featured brands at Mother Road Market include:

  • Greenwood Ave.: A Tulsa-based clothing company celebrating black entrepreneurship around the world.
  • Fulton Street: A bookstore and coffee shop that centers the stories, narratives and lived experiences of people of color and marginalized communities.
  • JanaeJavan: Specializes in Home Textiles and Apothecary products using the highest-grade Italian linens and natural ingredients.
  • Mi Tea Lounge: Tulsa-based Quality Organic Tea company

Celebrating Black excellence through collaborative entrepreneurship

“Trey is a visionary entrepreneur and uses his keen eye for design and branding to share important Tulsa perspectives, ” said Elizabeth Frame Ellison, President and CEO of the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation. 

“His branded products from Greenwood Ave. were a top seller during our Black-owned Business curation pop-up in February and Trey used the increased awareness to grow into one of our most successful month-long pop-ups at Shops at Mother Road Market in June. We are proud Trey is taking the next step in his entrepreneurial journey at Mother Road Market, and look forward to experiencing the inspiring voices and creativity of 19&21.” 

19&21 was created by Thaxton to celebrate black excellence. In addition to its popular clothing brand, Greenwood Ave, the company launched a web series aiming to inspire the next generation of creators around the world. The shop 19&21 gets its moniker from the horrific events that took place 100 years ago and honors the legacy that began in the early 1900s. 1921 signifies the year that people attempted to destroy the spirit of Black Wall Street, but failed. 

Visitors can shop the collection Tuesday – Sunday from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. 

For more information about Mother Road Market, visit

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  1. It is good that someone has focused on profit and greed to exploit the tragedy of the bloodshed from a Century ago. I was worried he would “donate” ten percent of his profits to a deserving, and qualified, young black woman, or man to help pay for College.

    It is good to see that he will be donating those profits to “community-building efforts” — a generic term that means the money will be going to the profit-mongers who are already capitalizing on the tragedy.

    Go Capitalism!

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