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Charlamagne Tha God tried VP Kamala Harris in an interview, asking, “So, who’s the real president of this country? Is it Joe Manchin or Joe Biden, Madame Vice President?”

The Vice President didn’t take too kindly to Charlamagne’s sarcastic, journalistic style. 

“Come on, Charlamagne. Come on. It’s Joe Biden,” she replied in a disappointing tone. Charlamagne then tried interjecting, but VP Harris doubled down.

“No. No. No. No. No. No! No. No. It’s Joe Biden. It’s Joe Biden! And don’t start talking like a Republican about asking whether or not he’s president. It’s Joe Biden!” she firmly stated.

Charlamagne quickly tried interjecting, asking a follow-up, “Do you think Joe Manchin is a problem?”

VP Kamala Harris’s Second Firm Response

Manchin’s Stubbornness?

Charlamagne took swipes at Senator Joe Manchin, saying he’s “ruining the country” and “blocking progress.” He also suggested that as a result of Manchin’s stubbornness, Black voters may turn against Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections as well as in the 2024 presidential race. 

Their interview comes days after Democrats in Congress have expressed frustration over Manchin’s hesitancy to back the $2 trillion social spending and climate bill by the end of 2021. 

VP Harris was asked why Manchin “is allowed to constantly hold up Biden’s agenda,” to which she responded that “every vote counts”, adding, “we have to listen to the voices who represent their districts.”

Harris later asserted that it is not just Democrats who are impeding Democratic priorities. 

“Here’s the thing, though. I think it’s a mistake to try and think about this only through the lens of Democrats versus Democrats when the fact is Republicans are consistently and unanimously standing in the way of progress.”

Saving Our Democracy

“Right now, we are debating whether democracies actually can survive or is autocracy better, which is basically one person or one group telling everybody what they should do,” VP Harris said. “This is what’s at stake right now for America. And you can tell I’m a bit frustrated — more than that, actually — that people are making this into a partisan issue instead of stepping up to say save our democracy.” 

Nehemiah D. Frank is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Black Wall Street Times and a descendant of two families that survived the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Although his publication’s store and newsroom...

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