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A staple of the Black community and a family legacy face an uncertain future.

In 2019, Bobby Eaton Jr. established the city’s first Black-owned broadcast station in decades. He announced in a Facebook video on Monday, December 27 that the building housing his radio station is up for sale.

“I just want to let you guys know that it’s up for sale. The property is up for sale. And, I’ve got certain feelings about it.”

Holding back his emotions, Eaton explained that family members who own the property are selling both the building, located at 1533 North Norfolk, along with their adjacent home.

“So, that’s what’s going on. Those of you who know, we serve the community…wish we could keep it, but it’s up for sale,” Eaton added. When asked by a Facebook commenter where the radio station would move to, Eaton said he didn’t know.

bobby eaton black owned
Bobby Eaton Jr. sitting on a bench outside Eaton Media Services, located at 1533 N. Norfolk in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

A family legacy; an uncertain future

For several years, Bobby Eaton and his son Trey have operated Eaton Media Services at KBOB 89.9 FM, which runs the Bobby Eaton Show and The Juice Radio Show. Providing culturally relevant news and entertainment for the Historic Greenwood community and Black Tulsans across the city, Bobby Eaton Jr. has become a pillar of the community. 

Ultimately, he continued a legacy of Black empowerment and self-determination that he learned from his trailblazing father.

A civil rights legend in Tulsa, Bobby Eaton Sr. became one of the first Tulsans arrested in the 60s during a protest to integrate a Whites-only shopping center. His determination to give Black Tulsans a sense of dignity created a torch he passed down to his son.

For instance, located right next to the Eaton Media Services is an historic barbershop. According to Eaton Jr., it’s where Tulsa’s civil rights movement began. In his Facebook announcement, Eaton pleaded for someone from the community to purchase the property.

“Anybody that you think would be interested in purchasing this property get in touch with Curron and see if we can save it. What can I say? It is what it is.”

If interested in purchasing or preserving the historic property, call Curron Eckwood at 918-852-9788.??

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