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ENID, Okla. – Rachel Lee Scheuerman has been charged with “malicious harassment based on race” for assaulting a Black teenage Little Caesars worker and calling him the n-word several times after the store ran out of crazy bread. 

On March 30, 2022, 17-year-old Chris Beard was working as a drive thru cashier at the popular pizza restaurant on 1725 W. Owen K. Garriot Rd after finishing his school day when Scheuerman drove up seeking an order of two pizzas and crazy bread, according to an Enid Police Department incident report shared with The Black Wall Street Times.

Chris told the woman the store was out of crazy bread, which angered the woman, the incident report states.

“Are you serious?” The woman allegedly responded. Chris told her that if she pulled up to the window he would still be able to give her the two pizzas she requested. Scheuerman pulled around to the window and asked the working teen, “do you want a diploma?”

Chris responded, saying “Yes.” The woman then said “Listen here, N*gger,” the incident report shows. Chris in turn asked “What?”

Scheuerman then replied “You heard me you f*cking N*gger!” She then asked if her words hurt the young, Black teen. After he replied no, the report goes on to state that Scheuerman then got out of her car, stepped up to the window, and slapped Chris two times across his face.

Beard – Enid Police Offense_Incident Report dtd 03.30.22

Footage captures Racist Karen slapping Black teenage Little Caesars employee

Cell phone footage shared with the responding officer, Nicole Binckley, verified the assault, according to the incident report. Store footage shared with The Black Wall Street Times also verified the assault took place.

“The child is traumatized,” Attorney Ronald Kelly told The Black Wall Street Times in a zoom interview. On the night of the incident, only teens were working at the Little Caesars. No one called police immediately after the assault. Instead, when Chris got home he told his parents, who took him to the Enid Police Department to file a complaint, Attorney Kelly said.

For days the family hadn’t heard whether any charges were filed, causing them to seek counsel.

“If this child would have done anything to this lady, his mother and father would have to have him in a juvenile arraignment within 48 hours, I guarantee it. There is clearly an unbalance,” Attorney Kelly told The Black Wall Street Times.

“Any African American student or kid that went into an establishment and slapped a White person upside the head, they would’ve been arrested that same day,” he added. 

Racist Karen charged after attacking Black teenage Little Caesars worker 
Rachel Lee Scheuerman slaps 17-year-old Chris Beard at Little Caesars and calls him the n-word several times after he tells the woman the store has run out of crazy bread. (Screenshot / Store footage.)

Enid Police confirm Rachel Lee Scheuerman was arrested and charged weeks after assault

The Black Wall Street Times reached out to the Enid Police Department to determine whether the investigation was still ongoing involving the incident at Little Caesars.

Public Information Officer Cass Rains confirmed that a warrant was filed against Rachel Lee Scheuerman on April 14, 2022, roughly two weeks after the initial encounter.

“Rachel Lee Scheuerman was charged on April 14 with malicious harassment based on race,” Officer Rains told The Black Wall Street Times.

 According to the Oklahoma State Courts Network (OSCN), Rachel Lee Scheuerman was arraigned on April 21 and has a bond appearance court hearing on May 12. Bond has been set at $5,000.

Crime at Little Caesars punishable by fine and imprisonment

Officer Rains also told The Black Wall Street Times that responding Officer Nicole Binckley was able to identify the defendant based on cell phone video at the scene. According to Rains, Officer Binckley visited the home of Rachel Lee Scheuerman in the early morning hours after the evening incident. During their visit, Scheuerman allegedly admitted to slapping teenager Chris Beard and calling him the n-word.

The Black Wall Street Times has reached out to Garfield County District Attorney Mike Fields, who shared a probable cause affidavit.

According to the document, an officer discovered the Scheuerman residence after noticing a vehicle that matched the description of the vehicle in surveillance footage. The woman told an officer that she was simply “joking with the kid, you know how it is.”

She also denied calling the Black teen the n-word twice, though she admitted to hurling the racial slur at him once.

Probable Cause Affidavit: Scheuerman Rachel 4-25-2022

Ultimately, it’s unclear why it took nearly two weeks for the charges to be filed.

According to Oklahoma law:

No person shall maliciously and with the specific intent to intimidate or harass another person because of that person’s race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin or disability:

  1. Assault or batter another person;

2. Damage, destroy, vandalize or deface any real or personal property of another person; or

3. Threaten, by word or act, to do any act prohibited by paragraph 1 or 2 of this subsection if there is reasonable cause to believe that such act will occur.

Penalties for a conviction of this crime include a fine of up to $1,000 and up to a year in prison. 

Rachel Lee Scheuerman, 71, mugshot (Enid Police Department)

Editor’s note: This article has been updated with a probable cause affidavit shared with The Black Wall Street Times via Garfield County District Attorney Mike Fields.

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  1. Who is paying for the kids attorney fees? Their lawyer was absolutely correct that if the races were reversed, the child would be immediately arrested and probably beaten or manhandled to teach “respect” as has always happened in Oklahoma,

    1. So what do we do when the pig in the kitchen puts his hands on the sauce and when told that’s gross , the other pig calls thegirl a B and the has the nerve to get her P boyfriend and friends to jump the girl and her man out side the store . Racist? Or just plain ignorant ? Swing again!

  2. Looks like she has already overdosed on the Crazy Bread!

    Needs to get some judicial help of the convicted and sentenced sort!

    She needs some jail time and restitution and a few hundred hours of public service exercise boot camp- roadside trash picking with a nail on a stick!

    None of this evangelical church probation as that’s not working already!

  3. It should have never taking 2 weeks for that lady to be arrested. This is what bothers me about the world we live in today. That kid was at work, not out perpetrating felonious acts towards that woman. Now he gets physically assaulted and has to be traumatized because this lady thought it was ok to treat a young black kid this way. If he had assaulted her, it would have never taken 2 weeks for his arrest. People don’t consider how this incident can have a negative lifetime effect on that boy. I hope he receives therapy and can overcome this traumatic unwarranted incident. Then Lil Caesar’s need to always have an adult on duty. If I was that kid’s mom, I would file a lawsuit against the job and that crazy lady.

  4. Oh my God its getting worse everyday. They really want us to go backwards in time.

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