Internet blames Nick Cannon and Keke Wyatt for baby formula shortage
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Got milk? If you pose that question to most of the parents across America, they’d answer “nope” in unison and frustration. Well, except for maybe two parents, Nick Cannon and Keke Wyatt.

The social media streets are jokingly blaming the entertainers for the nationwide baby formula shortage. Leave it to our generation to find humor in a dire situation. 

Talk show host and comedian Nick Cannon has seven children and is currently expecting his eighth with Bre Tiesi. Meanwhile, 39-year-old R&B singer KeKe Wyatt was expecting her 11th child in February of 2022. That’s a combined total of 19 children.

Both have been the butt of several jokes in their procreation of large families. One Twitter user said Nick Cannon had to use a command center, multi-screen motherboard to wish all of his baby mothers a Happy Mothers’ Day.

And when the IHU variant dropped in France earlier this year, I said Covid-19 had more kids than KeKe Wyatt. 

Nick Cannon jokes aside, baby formula shortage is very real

But in all seriousness, this formula shortage is no laughing matter. Currently, 40 percent of baby formula is out of stock and big box carriers such as Walgreens, Target and CVS have resorted to limiting purchases for parents.

Parents are pushing back on insensitive comments suggesting that they just breastfeed in light of the shortage. Even actress Bette Midler caught heat for tweeting, “Try breastfeeding”.

NPR reported that 92% of new mothers said they struggled with breastfeeding, which is why the formula shortage is hitting especially hard.

One of the reasons for the shortage–bacterial contamination. As Dave Chappelle said in one of his Chappelle Show, Rick James sketches, “The milk’s gone bad.”

Abbott Labs – a major supplier of baby formula – had loads of batches recalled earlier this year due to contamination. Doctors point to powdered formula as the culprit linked to at least five babies falling ill and two dying from salmonella poisoning

In messy politics as usual, Republicans are blaming Democrats for the shortage, saying the Biden administration has been slow in responding to what they knew would be a crisis when the formula was initially recalled.

To remedy the issue, Congress has proposed a bill to increase funding for formula manufacturing. The FDA is also asking major distributors like Gerber to produce more quantities.

And while these proposed solutions take time to execute, parents are struggling and babies are hungry. So KeKe and Nick Cannon, if y’all are hoarding infant formula, do the right thing and share with ya friends!

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