Nick Cannon Opposes the Idea of Traditional Marriage
Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey with their twin children Monroe and Moroccan. Rich Polk/FilmMagic
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For many individuals, traditional marriage is sharing that lifelong commitment with another individual, where both people grow and become the best versions of themselves. As people age, they look forward to traditional marriage and become excited for the next chapter of their lives. Well, traditional marriage is not ideal for everyone, at least not for Nick Cannon.

With his eighth child on the way, most people presume Cannon is finally ready to settle down and commit to one woman. He is prepared for fatherhood, but how about traditional marriage?

Cannon believes he is not ready for marriage, after his divorce from Mariah Carey in 2016. Carey and Cannon first met in 2008 at the Teen Choice Awards, where Cannon presented her with a surfboard for Choice Music R&B artist. In her music video “Bye Bye,” Nick played her love interest, and the chemistry was unmatched, as the two immediately hit it off.

After only six weeks of dating, Carey and Cannon got married in the Bahamas, Carey’s home. In 2011, the happy couple welcomed twins into the world, Monroe and Moroccan. Everything started as a Cinderella movie for Carey until things started getting rocky.

Divorce from Mariah Carey changed Nick forever

After eight years of marriage, the couple divorced in 2016. Following the divorce, there was speculation as to why the beloved couple called it quits. While many people believed it was since they rushed marriage, others thought it was because Carey was a bigger star than Cannon. Carey wrote in The Meaning of Mariah Carey, “Honestly, I think Nick and I could have worked it out between the two of us, but egos and emotions got inflamed. It was tough.” 

Carey continued to explain how their busy careers and parenting took a role on their marriage, asserting, “Making the necessary adult adjustments to being work parents in entertainment took its toll on our relationship.”

Meanwhile, Carey will always be “the one that got away”, as Cannon expressed that in his latest single, “Alone.” According to Cannon, “this song is really about reflection, the process of when somebody, and men we do this a lot, where you realize ‘I really messed up, I had probably the greatest situation.’ I had my dream girl, and I messed it up.” Cannon takes accountability for his part in the downfall of their marriage, reflecting on his past mistakes and taking ownership for his flaws, showcasing his growth and maturity.

Podcast hosts asks Nick Cannon about traditional marriage

On Its Tricky with Raquel Harper podcast, Harper explained that she ran into Cannon at Chuck E. Cheese with his seven children. Harper asked Cannon about his opinion of traditional marriage and if he would ever do it again, following his divorce. Cannon does not like the government involved in personal marriage and recollected that his marriage with Carey was “one of the greatest experiences of [his] life.” Since that marriage did not work out, Cannon sees no hope for the future of getting married to anyone else. 

Harper responded to Cannon and said that his baby mothers might oppose his views on traditional marriage. Cannon answered, “Nah, because it’s not about them…Marriage and all that goes into that, it’s a lot. Like anybody who’s married knows what that is- you’re literally entering a partnership that says when two become one, and I know I’m not built for that.”

Even after six years of their divorce, Cannon is still healing from it. Cannon perceives divorces as “a sense of, You failed, and when you have that level of failure with everyone seeing it, it was a lot on me for a long time.” Because of the demise of his marriage with Carey, Cannon has no interest in traditional marriage again, as he informed all of his baby mothers before having children with them. Nevertheless, Cannon is still affected by the divorced and manages to cope with it.

Whether it is because he still has feelings for Carey or cannot handle another divorce, one thing is set straight: Nick Cannon will never get married again.

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  1. The most effective efficient and prosperous way for a society to run, is for one man to marry one woman stay together until they die. Have two or more children raise those children to be independent, not relying on government friends or family, and to repeat the process. Anything other than that is a burden to society and begins its destruction and demise.

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