Attorney Ben Crump vows to hold all accountable for Buffalo's massacre
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On Thursday, civil rights attorney Ben Crump vowed to hold everyone who was an accomplice to the Buffalo supermarket accountable, per National Review.

Crump stood alongside Rev. Al Sharpton and the families of the victims in front of Antioch Baptist Church to condemn the racist and terroristic attack before stating plans on how to move forward.

Sandy Hook set a precedent in successfully suing gun manufacturers. Ben Crump took note.

Per National Review’s report, gun manufacturers have avoided liability under federal law when their guns are used to commit a crime. However, that’s not stopping Ben Crump from seeking a lawsuit against the makers of the gun the shooter, Peyton Gendron, used.

The families of the victims from the Sandy Hook shooting won a settlement of $73 million after suing the company of the AR-15 used in the incident. A familiar outcome could occur in Buffalo.

Buffalo victims can only seek financial restitution in place of lost loved ones.

“We absolutely intend on going after the gun manufacturers, the gun distributors, and anybody else who was an accomplice to this young, 18-year-old white supremacist,” Crump said in the press conference.

Ben Crump also suggested he would hold Gendron’s parents accountable for the shooting.

Per The Root, Gendron was indicted Thursday by a grand jury. The charge was not specified, per The Washington Post.

Buffalo shooting reminds us that White feelings have deadly consequences

At only 18, a freshly new “man” decides to get off the couch and embark on a real-life Call of Duty mission slaughtering Black people he did not know with zero provocation. Ben Crump is left to not only make sense of nonsense, but is impossibly tasked to make these families whole again.

Because of White feelings and the society which allows them to be sympathized with, an 18-year-old was allowed to buy a weapon, load it with bullets, and murder Black people en masse.

Though Ben Crump has ambitious goals to bring justice to a wide range of potentially culpable subjects, the lives lost in Buffalo should’ve never been in the hands of a racist child just old enough to throw a deadly tantrum.

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  1. I have wondered why no sue political representatives who fail to provide legislation and leadership to protect the public

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